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Heiseinbeg's Uncertainty Priciple and Schrodinger's eqt

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    Can somebody please explain the basis for the Heiseinberg's Uncertainty Principle and the Schrodinger's Theory or me?
    I m confused with the movement of electron in the orbitals and i think these 2 theories are the key.
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    You're right that you need quantum mechanics to really understand the structure of atoms. The upshot is that the picture we have of an electron flying in a nice trajectory around the nucleus just doesn't correspond to how nature actually works at these scales.
    Explaining this to you, from the beginning, would involve writing at least a good set of lecture notes. I don't know of a particularly good introductory set; maybe try http://walet.phy.umist.ac.uk/QM/QM.pdf [Broken] .

    If you get stuck on any particular points, or if you have any more specific questions, let us know!
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    Thanks very much.Indeed i still do not have strong base on quantum mechanics! Will ask you question soon !
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