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Hello from a quantum physicist

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    I am a quantum physicist from Louisiana State University. I specialize in Condensed Matter Physics and quantum Monte Carlo methods. I am also interested in Relativity and Machine Learning, especially in reinforcement learning.

    My home page is here: http://www.phys.lsu.edu/~rousseau/Home.php[/PLAIN] [Broken]

    I will try to answer any question in Physics that fall into my expertise.
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome to PF AngeSurTerre! Great to have you here! I'm sure we have a lot for your to contribute to!
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    Very nice to see such accomplished physicists using PF. Hopefully you like it enough that you remain active!
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    Hi there! Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you've heard of Jonathan Dowling -- have had email correspondence with him, and he even signed my copy of his book 'Schrodinger's Killer App' when he went to Australia (although I'm based in New Zealand).
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