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What jobs can a Quantum physicist have ?

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    I'm not sure if Quantum physics can be a specialization.. and if it can then what jobs can a Quantum physicist have ? also can you tell me what other subjects you would have to study along with Quantum physics ?
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    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe a quantum physicist can be as much a job description as a Newtonian mechanic :wink:
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    If you want a job, you need to be in applied physics, so look in to applications of quantum physics. Off the top of my head, this would include solid-state physics, lasers, semiconductor-optoelectronics (LEDs, photocells). Prorbably the fastest growing area directly using QM today would be solar cells using Quantum Wells to increase efficiency.
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    Lots of things in nature are "Quantized" and you can specialize in those fields. A lot of my research deals with quantum optics. However, it is not like what you see on the PBS documentaries. Do you know a particular field of quantum physics that you are interested in?
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    I'm not exactly sure what kind it is but it has to do with black holes and other cosmology objects
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    That has more to do with Cosmology/Astrophysics/Astronomy than "quantum physics". I don't think you know what "quantum physics" is.

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    Typically when you are looking at black holes (a lot of mass) and other cosmological objects (very big) you are looking at Relativistic effects... Maybe you are speaking of Quantum fluctuations in the early universe, if that is the case I would suggest watching Leonard Susskinds lectures on Cosmology and Relativity (you can find them on youtube). As far as jobs go... You would probably have to go into Academia as a Professor..
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