Hello~ i have some questions about going to college><

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I'm a highschool junior right now( yeah!! almost to become a senior).

and, I want to be an architect, yet i'm not sure which kind of architect though..

So i have questions about master degrees and etc.

I've been researching for colleges and I wasn't sure what those mean,

Ph degree , BA, and others. What are those???

My parents both graduated from colleges, but in a different country.

So I have no idea. T.T

What degree(? perhaps?) do i need to acheive to be an official architect??

also, am I considered to be a first generation for college? Since, none of my family

member sgraduated from U.S. college?

Also, i have a subjective(?) question.>< I heard most of the college students change

their major during their college year. Is that true???

I can't think of myself pursuing another profession other than being an architect><

Anywayz, thank you for reading my questions><

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I know nothing about architecture, but I can answer some of your other questions.

BA/BS (Bachelors of Arts/Sciences): 4 year degree (generally)
MA/MS (Masters of Arts/Sciences): Typically takes 2 more years after you have your BA/BS
PhD (Doctorate): Usually takes another 3 or more years after your Masters

If your parents went to college, then I wouldn't consider you "first generation" college.

As for changing your major, I believe it is true that most people do change their major (I changed mine 2 or 3 times). Don't worry about it though, once you start taking more classes you will have a better idea of what you want to do (and if you want to pursue architecture more).
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Some simple advice. If you plan to be an architect, get some experience drawing and designing before college. Also, be aware that you need to be certified to become a professional architect, so make sure whatever school you go to will help you in your goal.

Also, if you plan to become a top architect, you should plan on a masters degree.
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I still have one year left to finish high school, and I want to start as soon as possible college, of course with a scholarship, so I think I should harry on doing all the paper work and start doing all the exams and other things required, but the thing is that I haven’t found everything I need to know, like where can I do this exams, or where can I get everything that is needed, and the most important thing when should I apply for a visa.

- how many colleges or universities should I apply?

- what kind of visa should I ask for if I want to work there?

- how many grades of the secondary school should I take?
- in the US high school are 4 years: 9, 10, 11 ,12
and In Colombia it would be since 6 til 11 but I am not sure ´cuz last year I graduated from 9 grade as basic middle secondary student or something like that. and now I am doing 10 and next year 11 grade so I do not know if this two years are Colombian´s high school and from 6 til 9 is junior?

- what should I do to be a citizen or to be allowed to leave and return to the country the times I want to and my visa doesn’t get expired.

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