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Hello, I'm in search for Knowledge! Help!

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    I am very excited to join such an intelligent group of people to share and spread knowledge with. My name is Caleb Bailey and most of my life I have been put short of my true potential, I tested my IQ at 128 in 3rd grade. Years pass, as I continue to strive for better intelligence and understanding of the world around me it came to an astounding 146 my freshman year of highschool. Basically I'm summing this up to say I need to know how to build a small scale particle accelerator and I cannot find any resourceful or useful information on where to start. Please I'm 18 years old with everlasting hunger to achieve something great in my life such as building something that exist at CERN (though on a much larger scale of course). I project that if I could build this, I would be able to submit to colleges and eventually obtain a decent amount of money to aid my mothers slowly progressive Leukemia.

    If anybody has any knowledge on where to start please, you'd help change the world possibly...
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