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Hello my first post more of a philosophical question if anything

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    Okay so this is my first post after like 15 min of tying to figure out how to post. Anyways I have been reading about the quantum theory and basically what I took from the research was that quantum mechanics is used for small matter on a atomic level. Well people have a theory (claim) that their is a universal consciousness which all matter is created from, what I do not understand so far is that if their is a universal consciousness then wouldn't quantum mechanics not be used to explain it, because the way I take it the universe is large. Basically what I am asking is wouldn't Einstein's Relativity be used for that instead of quantum? Sorry if this is a ignorant post as I said I have recently started researching the subject so my facts may be off. Thank you.
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    Welcome to PhysicsForums, zackness123!

    Yours is a good question. The answer is that both apply. Quantum effects tend to be more important at the level of individual particles and small groups of particles, yes. And relativity effects are more clear for fast moving objects and very large objects. But both are fundamental laws of physics, and apply at all times.

    As to universal consciousness: in the area of theories, this is an ad hoc theory. Which is to say it is basically useless and has no scientific merit. I could just as easily make up a story about universal milk. Except that the milk is hidden and we can't see it, but it is responsible for everything being connected. You see, science works by coming up with ideas that can be tested and with ideas that make predictions. If it doesn't, it's useless. So if I seem harsh, please understand that you are free to believe what you want. But we try to hold scientific ideas to a particular standard, and there are many ideas which will not meet this standard.

    Given that you seem interested in learning more, I suggest you read up more and come back with further questions! Good luck!!
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    Thank you for your post, I had a feeling that the whole universal consciousness idea had nothing to do with quantum mechanics and the quantum theory (other than using some of it to make their claims seem more accurate). It seems people get that all matter is just energy condensed and vibrating slowly and after that they just interpret it (it being what energy is) how they see fit.
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    Hi Zackness123

    The idea of a universal conciousness comes from the idea that measurement (or observation) is what brings a particle into reality and therefore a universal conciousness is required to bring the universe into existence. It is a philosophical belief and there is no definitive scientific evidence for any such thing. You have to be careful with QM as it can be interpreted in many ways.

    Also, I think it's important to point out that QM is not really a theory of small things but a theory of isolated things. It just so happens that the smaller stuff is easier to isolate. If I could completely separate you from your environment and any observation (i.e. If I could somehow erase all the information describing where you are etc) then you would behave quantum mechanically aswell

    A good place to get a quick understanding of the theory is here

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    And of course, keep coming back to this forum to ask questions if there is anything you dont understand in the videos. I myself have found that method very useful.
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