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Homework Help: Help, AS level physics for a complete beginner

  1. Jan 15, 2009 #1
    hello everyone, i'd be really appreciative of some help. i'm doing as physics and have never done proper physics before therefore i'm finding it quite hard. we are doing about waves at the moment and was wondering about a couple of things:-
    1st - how to calculate frequency using the time base and a length? eg:- time base 2ms/cm length 5.4 cm, whats the frequency?
    2nd - if y cm is the wavelength and Y-amplitude is a x amplitude how do i work out Vmax in volts? eg:- ycm = 5.6, Y-amplidude volt/cm = 5, what is Vmax volts?
    3rd - what is the time base?
    4th - how to work out the number of cycles using a graph?
    Thankyou guys xxx
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    1. Do you know the equation of wavelength? [itex]\lambda[/itex] = [itex]\frac{v}{\nu}[/itex]. Can you work it out from here?

    2. I really don't understand this one. Can you give a proper description of an exercise regarding this?

    3. I'd say that time base is the total amount of time taken for an event, defined in the exercise text, to occur. However, in your first question, the time base is time over distance (judging the units you have provided) which is actually the the reciprocal of speed (magnitude of velocity), so why don't you check again if the data you provided are correct.

    4. What is the graph? A sine function? What is the period of a sine function?

    Not much, but I hope it helps.
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