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Homework Help: Help calulating the monent of inertia

  1. Jun 2, 2006 #1
    attachment.php?attachmentid=7049&d=1149234489.gif three identical thin rods each of lenght L and massM are welded perpendicluar to one another determine the monemt of inertia of the structure pink line is the axis of rotation. i think i need to use Icm= 1/12 ML^2 and I=1/3ML^2
    but not sure which rod uses which formula

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    If the pink line is passing through the end of C then the MI for Rod C is 1/3ML^2.

    For MI of A, think of the distance of different particles of the rod A from the axis.

    For MI of B you have to use Parallel axis theorem. Go through it.

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    thanks i got it now
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