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Help finding internships/planning for grad school

  1. Dec 29, 2007 #1
    I am a sophmore at the ohio state university majoring in physics. my gpa is something like 2.6 and i dont have any good professors references yet. I want to eventually go to grad school but i know i will probably need experience for this. Most of the internships i come across seem to be really selective.

    Is there a way to find anything without a 3.0 or references or is this a pipe dream?

    Also, if i cant get a good internship before graduating what kind of job would help me get into grad school for physics.

    Also, if i complete my physics major but really want to study biophysics i assume i will need a background in biology as well. Is this going to be extremely difficult?
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    How about trying to get some research experience under a professor while you work on raising your GPA? Once you've done the research for a good amount of time, and your GPA is higher, you can go for an internship. Say, the beginning of the summer between your Junior and Senior years?
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    I've always saw research positions under a professor as the "physics major's internship". Just find a professor you would like to work under. You'll get some research experience and it'll probably safeguard one recommendation. Research experience is a huge plus on a grad school app. Especially in physics. I'll say more so than a non-research internship at a company.

    Getting a research position under a professor at school is much much easier than getting an internship with your current GPA and postion. I was like you with a 2.X GPA. A professor took me into his lab, so I can gain some type of experience since no company wanted a retarded GPA like mines. A professor is there to mentor and help you, nonetheless of your GPA.

    Internships during college is primary determined by recommendations and GPA. And the interview. Since most students don't have experience, the GPA is taken into account as the "experience" for college students. Assuming you know your stuff in school, you should know the stuff in work. That type of deal.
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