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HELP for the Computer Illiterate

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    HELP for the Computer Illiterate!!!!

    Hey everyone,

    I need some serious help. I want to get an MP3 player, but with so many out there I don't know which one to get and stay under $150. One thing that is very confusing is the hard drive and flash memory. WHAT's the Difference?!?!?:surprised Is one better than the other? Which one? Desprately need help!:bugeye:

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    Flash Memory:
    1) Solid State - No moving parts
    2) Smaller
    3) Doesn't hold as much music (1GB->4GB)

    Hard drives:
    1) Many moving parts
    2) Larger
    3) Holds a lot more music (40GB->Insane amounts of memory)

    For normal people 1GB->4GB is more than enough, so I say go with flash memory. Just to give you some perspective: 1GB can hold approximately 350 songs. The ipod nano 2GB is only $199 while the 1GB shuffle is $129.

    [edit] Sorry about the approximation
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    I think both the Nano and Shuffle are very good choices. If i had to choose between an MP3 player with small flash memory or large hard drive i'd go with the hard drive, because even though flash memory is much faster it's not really very noticeable on an MP3 player and i like the large storage. If you've never seen the nano you should check it out, it's so thin you'll be amazed.
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    Are the ones with a hard drive susceptible to "skipping" or damage when moving? I'm asking because if it is, maybe how one plans to use it would also be important in considering which to get. For example, if you're getting it to play music while sitting in the library studying all day, or want to use it docked to a set of speakers in your dorm room or living room, that might be different than someone wanting to use it while jogging or doing yardwork.

    Didn't someone post here a while ago that there was a problem with one of the newer, thin iPods...maybe it was the nano? The screens were cracking too easily I think? Was that a manufacturing defect that was fixed, or is it a problem that they're so thin they've become too fragile to stick in a pocket like most people do with them?
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    I don't know. Its an interesting question.

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    I think you mean 350 songs....

    I like my Nomad Jukebox (like an Ipod) because it can hold my entire cd inventory (~5GB) of 130 or so cd's.
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    Yeah, sorry about that. Your right.
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    Hard drive players are more susceptible to permanent damage/data corruption due to sharp jerks/falls. I've never really tried doing anything active with my HD player (a Rio Karma). My friend's iPod 20GB HD player had to go in for repairs the other day due to a corrupted drive.
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