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Help getting over this long, hard night (what to do?)

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    So here's the deal. I've frightened myself rather badly looking at pictures of deceased sailors and now it looks like I'll be spending this night awake. I have to start working at around 9:00, so that leaves me roughly with 6 hours to kill. Please give me ideas of what to do, but it cannot require me getting out of bed, because I'm staying put. So far I've just been listening to polka and hanging around on this forum. Again, I'll appreciate suggestions and help. I can't stop seeing the damned! -jollyunclejoe
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    Stephen Tashi

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    Try reading or writing posts in the technical sections instead of chit-chat sections. It will put you right to sleep.
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    I always find that a really good comedy movie or TV show helps. Laughing releases endorphins. While I usually don't like US comedies because they're stupid, preferring European stuff like Monty Python, there is one that I can't get enough of. I heartily recommend that you get on the CBS network website or pay-per-view or whatever and settle into a marathon "Big Bang Theory" session. Also, even though I'm an alcoholic and have a beer with me at all times, I suggest that you avoid that; alcohol is a depressant.
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    Thanks for the reply, but I've mentioned already that I've been hanging around on this forum already. I've been writing posts and reading lots more for about the past three hours. Since this is an imaginative, intelligent, and fun bunch, I thought this might be an "opportunity". Perhaps not . . .
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    Thanks, Danger, I'll take your advice and watch some Monty Python. I'll also take your advice and avoid alcohol. It's a long dark way to the fridge anyways.
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    Then you're probably still okay. When you're a professional like me, muscle-memory takes care of it; you don't even have to wake up. :redface:
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    Here is my summary of how my night went.
    From 3:10 to 4:30 am, I watched Monty Python's Flying Circus. Then from 4:31 to 4:40, I took a quick polka breather. I resumed watching the Flying Cicus, and continued to do so until about 5:30 am. The last time I glanced at the clock it was 5:55. After a period of time, I fell asleep at last. Thankfully, I did not meet my demised swashbuckling trio of mariners in my dreams. Overall, I'm quite pleased with how the polka and the television helped to staunch my fears, and will no doubt use these useful tools in the future. Thank you -Jollyunclejoe
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    That's good advice, Danger. After much experimenting, I found that comedy helps me unwind from medical shifts, especially intense ones that go into the early morning hours. :-)
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