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Help Greatly Needed - Physics Of Golf

  1. Nov 21, 2006 #1
    Help Greatly Needed -- Physics Of Golf

    dear physicist,

    I have found myself in a predicament. With only two weeks of assignment time left, and a joke of a teacher for help, I desperately need some expert help. We are using LoggerPro to plot points on a sports-related video we have recorded. The point's time and distance representations are then used to explain what is going on in the video (yeh, what a great assignment).

    I do not understand torque, or angular momentum. As an essential part of the topic, and one that should've been, but wasn't, covered in class, i feel i need some help on it. Please, if you know of any great sites that make it SIMPLE (i've tried many of the Google ones, to no avail), or if you could possibly be so kind as to explain it yourself, i would be extremely appreciative.

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    Try doing your search at wikipedia.com

    EDIT -- Oops, wikipedia.org
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