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Help! How do I keep up in the field while I stay home with my toddler?

  1. Oct 16, 2007 #1
    I recently left work to stay home with my toddler. I have a masters in physics and I'd love to go back to work when I'm done having children and they're school-age. But this leaves me out of practice for the next... decade or so. Does anyone have recommendations for part-time work, work-from home options, or volunteer work that will help me stay somewhat up-to-date and keep my brain from getting too mushy? I thought about busting out the calc books with my daughter, but maybe 16 months is too early.

    Any comments are appreciated.

    ~ Katie
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    I'm only an undergrad, but I seem to always be getting e-mails about various groups wanting physics or math tutors. High schools or colleges in your area would probably be more than willing to supply you on info on how to get started doing something along that line if it interests you.

    I think that continuing to socialize with other physicists may do a surprising amount towards keeping it from getting rusty. Also, reading is the perfect "at home" activity, time to start catching up on topics you're interested in but never got around to.
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    Some suggestions:
    - become an online tutor... (I thought about this as a side job... but I didn't look into it enough to recommend a reputable company).
    - you can hang around at PF... get involved with discussions, possibly helping others with homework
    - find a position to teach a class online (distance learning).
    - look into possible grants and funding specifically for your situation of trying to re-enter academia after taking time out to care for your family (I have heard of such things... but I don't have any particular suggestion)
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    I'd back up all of the things that robphy said. If you have a univ. near by then maybe you could get someone in the physics department there to keep you up to date and recommend you undergrads to tutor. Also, I'd say you should give that Calc idea with your daughter a second try just to see how it turns out :wink: you could be raising the next feynman for all you know
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