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Help in latex in writing a report!

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    Hello PF members,
    I need a small help in latex in writing a report!
    How to include footnotes (in the form of symbol!).
    For e.g., i have 5 authors..for all these 5 authors i can use $^1$, $^2$, etc as author's address. I mean all are just numbers..
    Now for 2 of the 5 authors i want add footnotes as symbols. That means 2 different symbols..
    Can anyone help how to do this in latex...

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    Re: footnote_symbol

    What class file are you using? What does \footnote in the \author environment do? In some class files (e.g. revtex) that produces a symbol and a footnote.
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    Re: footnote_symbol

    i am using the template from a journal
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