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Courses Help me choose which courses to take this summer.

  1. Mar 24, 2010 #1
    My summer registration occurs soon and I would like a bit of input; I have the following choices for courses this summer:

    Algebraic Structures
    Discrete Mathematics
    Differential Equations
    Foundations of Mathematics
    Analysis I
    Linear Algebra II

    I really enjoy algebra and I am trying to work my way up to learning about Lie Algebra so I figure I will pick up algebraic structures and Linear II, but what about the last one? My least favorite math aspects are optimization and intense amounts of graphing. I don't mind proofs, love algebra, and stats/probability don't bother me much.

    Any help you guys can give would be great.
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    Sounds like you answered your own question since ODE or PDE (you weren't specific) will more than likely have graphing.
  4. Mar 24, 2010 #3
    It's all ODE.
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    You don't mind proofs? That's most of what you'll be doing in Linear Algebra II and upper level algebra courses.

    Also, is discrete math an actual discrete math course, or is it a sort of intro to abstract math course? At my school, the latter is the case, and it seems to be other places too, which is why I ask.
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    It's relations, inductions, sets, functions, counting techniques, recurrence relations according to last years syllabus.

    And the only proofs I have done were in the analysis intro I am in, so I can't really say whether I love them or hate them; they're just proofs at this point.
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    Gotcha. In any case, I'll confirm what you've already chosen: Linear Algebra II and Algebra seem like good choices. For your third choice, discrete math would probably be a good one to have. It sounds like you'll be introduced to some combinatorial stuff also, in which case, you'll be thankful you took it once you get to higher levels of Algebra and what not - it seems to pop up every now and then.
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