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Help me decide on a name for my physics project!

  1. Nov 18, 2009 #1
    Hi everyone.

    I've been working on 'n physics project, but cant decide on a proper name for it. I decide to combine one weird word with another word I already have. Unfortunately I cannot decide on the weird word! Could you please complete the following poll? It would only take a few seconds. Oh, and the project is about ion thrusters. Thanks!


    Kind regards,
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    They are all equally meaningless. How are we supposed to decide?
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    Jimmy is a nice name.
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    I would think that the Germans, French and Slowaks would be very disappointed to hear that their words are meaningless.

    Maybe "Prowacona"

    (project with a cool name)
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    It was my idea to let them sound meaningless, but they all actually mean bending or diffraction in a few different languages. I just want to know which one would sound the coolest.
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    Sorry, never heard of them. :tongue2:
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    It sure is! If the people at the dog pound hadn't been calling my rescue dog "Duke" for all summer long, Jimmy would have been in the running. :tongue:
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