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Help me for calculate a Hydraulic force

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    If I know only the diameter of the hydraulic cylinder that is 54 cm (4 cylinder, each cornner), how can i know the foce that act on the plate work. Do i need to know more any value ?
    sorry for poor english.
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    really need help My boss want to know How much force acting on the plate. (Hot Press Lamination)
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    I take it you want to know the force carried by each hydraulic cylinder?

    You have provided very little information to enable adequate interpretation of your problem. I do not know what the actual application is. However:

    If for example you have a rectangular plate which uses four cylinders (one in each corner) and you know the load that is to be carried by the plate, then the problem is very simple, provided that the load evenly distributed on the plate then each cylinder will carry 1/4 of the total load applied to the plate. It's simply like a table with 4 legs; the legs will carry 1/4 of the load - provided the load is evenly distributed.

    To ensure that that hydraulic rams can withstand such a loading, you will need to know if the if the ram is pushing or pulling, or both at separate times in the operation of the machine.

    If for example the ram is extending, then the pressure will be on bore side of the ram. Given this, you can easilly detertmine the bore diamter of the ram (load carrying surface area). A ram will always be rated as to its working and maximum pressures. Knowing the force applied to the ram and the surface area of the bore, you can work out the pressure in the ram - Pressure = Force/Area.

    This is a very basic problem that i have described, because i do not know the actual extent of your set up and what the machine actually consists of.

    This should get you going though.

    I would suggest that in future you provide a full explanation of your problem, and make an attempt at the solution. If you are an mechanical engineer, then calculating what i have just described should be second nature to you?!
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    If you know the hydraulic pressure in kg/sq.cm or N/sq.cm, then you can calculate the force by multiplying this pressure to inside c/s area of hydraulic cylinder.

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