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My daughter and a large portion of her class are struggling in AP Chem. Any has any link or have any beneficial suggestion for her. She is very motivated.
She only has a grade of "C"

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I've not studied Chemistry since college, and I'm not familiar with the AP exams, so don't know what's on the syllabus, and thus may not be the best informed person to help here. However, this thread on Chemistry tutorials and this one on Chemistry websites provide links which may be of use to her. I'm sure there are people who are more familiar with the particular exam syllabus who may be able to provide more specific advice.
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What is she having trouble with?
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You should suggest she start visiting our HW help section whenever she runs into trouble on her HW problems, or doesn't understand something from class. We do have some folks who are actively helping with chemistry questions, and who can help her fill in gaps in her knowledge that become evident from those questions. Since our most fundamental rule is that students have to show their own effort before we help, it's not just a place where someone else is going to do her homework for her.
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AP science/math classes are all about practicing. She just needs practice in problem solving, because problem solving is a skill, and a significant portion of the course is dependant on skill. Generally, problem solving is more stressed than knowledge of theory (this actually is dependant on the instructor). But in my experience, AP chemistry and Physics is mostly problem solving skills. She just needs to practice. What i do is i do as many of the book problems as possible for the most practice, and my teacher usually let's me borrow that solutions manual. I would reccomend she just keeps doing textbook problems and borrowing the solutions manual to check her answers. If her teacher doesn't have the solutions manual for whatever reason, i would suggest buying the accompanying solutions manual for her textbook. Amazon sells solution manual for most AP chemistry textbooks, but they are pricey. It may be worth it though.
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how good is she at algebra? I've seen tons and tons of students in college struggle in basic science classes simply because their algebra skills were not up to par.
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how good is she at algebra? I've seen tons and tons of students in college struggle in basic science classes simply because their algebra skills were not up to par.

thats a very good point, if one can't do basic math, they will mess up the answer even if they set up the problem correctly.

I would say for chemistry, atleast for my class, its about an equal balance between concepts and problem solving. Personally, i think the knowledge of theory in chemistry is actually very helpful in problem solving, and chemistry is very cumulative. That may be one of the reasons why she may be struggling. For example, right now in my ap chem class, we are doing titrations and buffers and acids and bases.
Knowledge is titrations and buffers is very dependant upon general acid base equilibria, which is dependant on gnereal chemical equilibria, which is dependant on chemical equations and gases, which is dependant on stiochiometry, which is basically dependant on dimensional analysis, the very first skill developed in practically all science classes.
So, the root of struggling may be that she hasnt grasped previous material, and that will just lead downhill.
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For success in any subject it is important that one is thorough with the concepts. I would like you the refer pie tutorial handbooks for neatly classified and thoroughly explained solutions. Besides just tell your daughter to get her basics in mathematics right. It is just a matter of applying concentration and common sense. There is nothing extraordinary in science.

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