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Help needed with a mathproblem! (first post so I don't know where to post it)

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    The AREA of the square in the link above is 49m^2 and consists of, as you can see, 4 rectangles and 1 square. If the red rectangle has a circumference of 16m, what's the circumference of the green rectangle?

    Maybe I should add that the 4 rectangles are not of the same size and you can not measure in the picture to get to the right answer.

    //PaniniBaguetten :)
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    I've reported this post, so it should be sent to the appropriate section soon. In the meantime, let's take a look...

    Well, you have that the square is 49 m^2, which means that each side of the square is 7 m. We also know that the perimeter of the red rectangle is 16 m. What do you think you can imply from those two bits of data?
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