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Help Wanted: Lab production of 2,6-Xylidine

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    Lab production of 2,6-Xylidine appears to be difficult. Apparently either the production or reduction of 1,6-dimethyl nitrobenzene is "hard". Industrial production involves 50+ atmospheres of pressure, which falls far outside of my definition of "lab production".

    I'm interested in taking a third approach: start with nitromesitylene.

    Strategy 1: Somehow, magically, remove the methyl group that is para to the nitro group, then reduce the nitro group to an amine.
    Strategy 2: Reverse the steps above: Reduce, then demethylate the aminomesitylene

    My questions for all you "real" chemists out there:
    1. How do I remove the correct methyl group from nitromesitylene?
    2. What challenges do I face in reducing it to an amine? Reducing 4-nitrotoluene acid to 4-aminotoluene isn't too difficult, I hear. I assume the additional methyl groups are the cause of any difficulty?
    Thank you in advance - Any help or pointers gratefully accepted
    -Jeff Evarts
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    As this molecule is a precursor to lidocaine, we prefer not discussing its synthesis on PhysicsForums.

    For more details, our guidelines concerning chemical activities can be found here.

    Thread closed.
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