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Help with a debate on atoms at work?

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    Help with a debate on atoms at work?????

    Hey all,

    For the last few hours we have been debating whether our bodies in reality are 99.999999999999% and so on empty space.

    I have studied physics at GCSE, A-level and University so I'm well aware that atomic nuclei are roughly 10^-15 meters and an atom is 10^-11 meters in size, therefor majority of the atom being empty space.

    My argument is that even though our bodies are made up of an amount of atoms that we just can't comprehend, if we were able to remove the 'empty space' and forces between the atoms then the actual physical mass we have within our bodies is well very small.

    Is this right or am I totally barking up the wrong tree?
    If I am right how can i put it to the rest of the guys in a way I can win the debate?
    I have already used the golf ball example and explained how close the next physical mass to the golf ball is, yet they still sit there arguing 'i am not empty space I am solid and thats the end of it'

    who is right??

    Cheers all
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    Welcome to PF!

    Hey mole1811! Welcome to PF! :smile:

    I think you're right …

    if everything inside you was electrically neutral, it could be packed into a neutron star, whose density is traditionally measured in tons per matchbox-ful :rolleyes:

    it's only the electrical forces that keep you in shape. :biggrin:

    Stay solid!

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