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Help with a physics sound problem.

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    1. Two identical strings on different cellos are tuned to the 440-Hz A note. The peg holding one of the strings slips, so its tension is decreased by 1.5%. What is the beat frequency heard when the strings are played together?
    f₁=440Hz; Tension decrease=1.5%

    2. f(beat)=|f₁-f₂|

    f₂=440Hz - (440Hz*.015)=433.4Hz

    The answer is supposed to be 3.3Hz. I would really appreciate the help. Thanks.
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    I think you're missing a key formula here.
    Remember that the velocity of the wave on a tensioned string is

    v = √(F / µ) where µ is the string density. Use it more conceptually now, and think about the relationship of the force to the velocity, and the velocity to the pitch and wavelength.
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    Thank you very much. I got the right answer now. Much appreciated. :)
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