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Help with Anthropology project. (Environment & Society theme)

  1. Mar 27, 2013 #1
    I'm an undergrad student majoring in Sociology & Anthropology. I took Introduction to Anthropology this semester. We have been assigned a project in which we have to take a picture of ourselves doing anthropological fieldwork based on a certain theme. My theme is Environment and Society. The others themes were Leisure, Games, Art, Religion etc.

    Now I assume that by Environment and Society they mean Environmental Anthropology, which studies the relation between humans and their environment. We have a subject called Environment and Society but that is for third year students so I have no idea.
    I can't seem to be able to figure out any ideas on this besides the obvious harmful impacts that humans have on their environment (deforestation, air pollution etc). But I'm not sure how I would relate that fieldwork.

    My lecturer gave an example of her fieldwork on this theme.
    She did a study of menopausal women of all backgrounds. She traveled to the primitive tribes in our country (the Orang Asli of Malaysia) and she spoke with the women there about their menopausal experience. Then she took a picture with some Orang Asli women showing some plants which they thought help them with their menopause if they chew the leaves

    Can any of you think of any ideas on this theme which can be put into a picture?
    Much appreciated. :)
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    You need to narrow your focus for us to be of help. What aspect of environment and society will you focus upon? Organic farming? Pollution from industry? Xeriscaping in arid zones?
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    Pollution from industry I suppose.
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