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Courses Help me to determine the better course!

  1. Jan 26, 2017 #1
    Here are the course contents of some software engineering degree programs. Please help me to decide which is the better program to follow.

    BEng(Hons) Software Engineering

    • Course Modules

    Year 1- Level 4
    Computer Science Practice
    Computer Systems Fundamentals
    Programming Principles I
    Web Design and Development
    Mathematics for Computing
    Programming Principles II

    Year 2- Level 5
    Core Modules

    Object-Oriented Programming
    Software Development
    Group Project
    Database Systems
    Client-Server Architecture Algorithms: Theory, Design & Implementation

    Optional Modules

    Advanced Server-side Web Programming
    Concurrent Programming
    Advanced Maths & Game AI
    Mobile Native Application Development

    Year 3 - Industrial Placement
    A 12-month placement period is compulsory between Years 2 and 4. This experience will give you additional practical skills, and a competitive edge in the job market. This mandatory placement will not only empower a student with a degree but also with the necessary work experience. With this added advantage, IIT students have a 100% employment assurance and is most often selected for high income employment at renowned organizations.

    Year 4- Level 6
    Core Modules

    Computer Science Project
    Security and Forensics
    Reasoning About Programs

    Optional Modules

    Advanced Server-side Web Programming
    Concurrent Programming
    Advanced Maths & Game AI
    Mobile Native Application Development

    Here is the link to the page- http://www.iit.ac.lk/benghons-software-engineering/

    BSc (Honours) Software Engineering

    Stage 1(full time)

    • Introduction to Computer Science
    • Mathematics for Computing 1
    • Programming with C Language
    • Database Management Systems
    • Business Information Systems
    • Internet Technology
    • Data Structures & Algorithms
    • Computer Technology
    • Object Oriented Programming with C#
    • System Analysis and Design
    • Introduction to Computer Networks
    • Advanced Database Management Systems

    Stage 2 (full time)
    The second develops your understanding in your specialist subject area, Computer Networks, Computer Security and Software Engineering and link it with other relevant areas within Computing. This will cover all the core content and other specialist area topics as well as all critical issues of any IT infrastructure. You will also strengthen your project management and team work skills as a part of a large scale group.

    • Human Computer Interaction
    • Databases
    • Software Development Platform
    • IT Legislation & Ethics
    • Network & System Administration
    • Network Security
    • Integrating Project

    Stage 3(full time)

    Final year provides the required enhanced understanding and mastering the latest technologies in your chosen specialist area of study, with a string focus on integrating these skills with current business needs and industry demands. Critical part of the final year is the project, which challenges and enhances design, development, and evaluation skills. This allows graduates to demonstrate the ability to undertake research and development activities within commercial environments.

    • Software Development and Project Mgt
    • Cross-Platform Development in C++
    • Incident Prevention, Detection & Response
    • Network Monitoring
    • Project
    • API Software Development
    • Advanced Databases and Their Applications
    • Distributed Systems

    Here is the link to the page - http://nsbm.lk/programmes/temp.php?pid=4#contents

    Please help. Thanks in advance.
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    Vanadium 50

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    I'm deciding whether to go out with Mary or Sue. Which is the better choice? If you can't tell me, why not?
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    As I've asked a million times every time a question similar to this is asked on here, have you talked to your academic advisor??

    I mean, how is it that you somehow rather listen to a bunch of strangers on an internet forum to give you such an important advice, rather than someone who (i) is supposed to be helping you answer this very question, and (ii) you can have a 2-way conversation with that he/she can get to know your academic and career goals better?

    I can't believe, even in the UK (which is where I'm guessing you are), that there aren't anyone assigned to guide you with the academic program.

  5. Jan 26, 2017 #4


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    A person assigned to provide advice on "which course should I study at which university?", which is the OP's question, would have to be assigned by the secondary school or sixth form college where the prospective undergraduate is doing their A-levels, and depending on the funding situation that may be an unaffordable luxury.

    To the OP: I would strongly suggest doing the course which actually gives you a year of practical experience in industry and thereby a foot in the door at a prospective employer.
  6. Jan 26, 2017 #5
    You might also try and make some industry contacts and ask them which graduate they might prefer and why.
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