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Help with graph units and interpretation

  1. Jan 27, 2016 #1

    I have been doing research with a certain biological substance and its capacitance and conductivity. The following graphs are from a computer connected to a BDS (broadband dielectric spectrometer):

    cpacitance 1.PNG
    conuctivity 1.PNG

    I understand the fundamental units, but Re(C'), Re(C''), Re(σ'), lm(σ'') do not make sense to me. How can capacitance be negative in one of the graphs? Why is there no difference between both axis in terms of fundamental units? Is it possible that the units are wrong? I have been looking at all the texts I have, but none of them are able to help.
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    Looks like a labelling error in the graph creation. Notice that the two Y axes are the same units.
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