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I searched up some instructions on the web on how to install cygwin. I downloaded cygwin, 1) clicked the "install from internet" option
2) Clicked on "Just Me" and "Unix/binary" option
3) went to the packages screen, and then clicked on the options listed under KDE (since my prof uses KDE)
4) installed it a second time using "install from local directory option"
5) downloaded these five files from
to C:\cygwin


6) clicked on the desktop icon, "bash-3.2$" showed up. I typed
cd c:\cygwin
tar -C / -xjf qt-x11-free-3.3.4-1.tar.bz2

and it said tar: command not found
Go back and rerun the cygwin installer and look at the package list REALLY carefully. You have to specifically check every package you want to install, and it doesn't think to include by default a lot of packages that a linux distribution would consider critical. So probably you did not, in fact, install tar (and probably not bzip2 either).


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You don't need the kde libs unless you are going to be building KDE apps on windows.
KDE is a desktop toolkit (and a set of apps) on linux, it isn't needed to write ordinary command line programs.

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