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Help with name of a nuclear movie

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    Does anyone know the title of this nuclear movie where the president was told to commit suicide in a graveyard with pistol in front but it was empty and nuclear detonation occurred just the same. I've been searching for it for a year and couldn't track the title. In that movie, you can see multiple orbital stages of an ICBM..

    Presently we have enough nukes that can destroy the planet 20 times over and north korea and iran are joining the club and Russian more aggressive now. So it's a good to reflect by watching nuclear movies. I think I've already watched all of them.. but if you have a complete listing of movies with nuclear theme, please share them in case I miss a good one.. you.. have you watched all of them?

    Is there a novel story by chance where a small change to a constant of nature is enough to make nukes useless but not affect other physical processes in nature? Instead of asking this in the nuclear forum.. maybe I can ask it here in case someone knows that can constant of nature could be. A good novel story would be just minutes prior to launching of all nukes worldwide in WWIII annhilating. A constant of nature was changed in the local earth sector that makes all of the nukes useless. Thank you.
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    I'm not aware of stories doing that, but changing fundamental constants enough to make nuclear weapons useless would probably make everything else significantly radioactive.

    "The Gods Themselves" from Asimov has a related topic, but no nuclear weapons.
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    I can't remember the title, but I did read a story once in which something happened to the Sun, and this resulted in all electromagnetic apparatus used by mankind being rendered useless.
    (Yeah, it's OK in sci -fi)
    Working electromagnetic apparatus is necessary to construct a functional nuke, and in the modern world it's pretty much required for almost all human activity.
    I think the story ended with the affliction of the Sun spontaneously recovering, but yeah, the loss of all useful electromagnetism is quite a scary thought.
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