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Help with proof for Dirca Delta Relation

  1. Oct 2, 2006 #1
    I cannot think of how to go about proving this relationship and was wondering if any of you could help me

    [tex]</font>\\int^{\\infty}_{-\\infty} f(x) \\delta \\left( g \\left( x \\right) \\right) dx = \\int^{\\infty}_{-\\infty} f(x) \\sum_{i} \\frac{\\delta \\left( x - x_{i} \\right)}{\\left| g' \\left( x_{i} \\right) \\right|} dx,<font color=red>[/tex]

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    I am not too good with this latex stuff so let me try again...

    [tex]\\int^{\\infty}_{-\\infty} f(x) \\delta \\left( g \\left( x \\right) \\right) dx = \\int^{\\infty}_{-\\infty} f(x) \\sum_{i} \\frac{\\delta \\left( x - x_{i} \\right)}{\\left| g' \\left( x_{i} \\right) \\right|} dx[/tex]
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