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Homework Help: Help with quantum problem (gravitational field)

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    I need to find the energy spectrum for the energes of photons that end up in the 1st excited state from a neutron in a gravitational field of strength g (9.8). I suppose first I need to find an expression for U(x) and substitue into the Schrodinger equation? How do I know U(x)? We have been using Airy functions in class -- how do I apply these here?

    I guess I just need someone to get me started on this one with a hint or two!
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    To find the energy levels of a particle in a gravitational field, you must solve the Schrodinger equation with the appropriate potential. Now I know you know what the potential energy of a particle in a gravitational field is. Don't think too hard, this is basic classical mechanics. The connection to Airy functions comes from looking at the differential equation they solve and comparing it to the Schrodinger equation you have written down. Do you notice any similarities?
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