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Homework Help: Help with simple kinematic problem

  1. Feb 28, 2015 #1
    A fast food restaurant uses a conveyor belt to send the burgers through a grilling machine. If the grilling machine is 1.1 m long and the burgers require 2.5 min to cook, how fast must the conveyor travel?

    If the burgers are spaced 15 cm apart, what is the rate of of burger production (in burgers min)?

    For the first question:

    Distance of belt=rate×time to cook

    Which gives me. 0.44 m/min

    However, the second part is giving me problems.

    I did 1.1m=0.15mB+(o.44 m/s + Db) (2.5 min-B) which is wrong. Any hint?
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    Your speed is in meters per minute, and the value looks good.

    Now, how many burgers (and partial burgers) are there in one meter?
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