1. Like Tony Stark

    Doubts on the sign of acceleration

    What should I do? Because I have two possibilities. I have ##0=5+at## so ##-5/t =a##. But then I can also say that the acceleration is a negative because it is stopping, so I can write it like ##0=5-kt## and then ##5/t =k##
  2. Like Tony Stark

    Relative rotational motion on a disc

    The first doubt that comes to my mind is "I have to determine the acceleration with respect to what?", because the problem doesn't tell. Then, I have some problems when having to plug the data in the formula of acceleration. ##\vec a_B=0## because the origin isn't accelerated, ##\vec{\dot...
  3. Santilopez10

    Kinematics question on 2 planes moving relatively with each other

    So my problem isn't actually finding the components, but knowing if the initial approach I took is correct. So what I did was: At first I found that at the same instant, ##x_{B/A}=10500 m## so then I wrote the equation of motion for plane B respect to A: so $$\vec a_{B/O}- \vec a_{A/O}=\vec...
  4. Santilopez10

    Raising a bag with a rope

    So what I did was at first consider the case the kid is below the branch, so that x=0,t=0, then I thought that the lenght L of the rope should be ##L=2h## because we know the radius from the branch to the kid is just ##x^2+y^2=r^2## and when x=0, y=h. So then I wrote the motion equations for the...
  5. Santilopez10

    Intrinsic coordinates kinematics problem

    So I know that ##a_t = \frac{dv}{dt}=-ks## and ##\frac{dv}{dt}=v\frac{dv}{ds}## then: $$v dv=-ks ds \rightarrow (v(s))^2=-ks^2+c$$ and using my initial conditions it follows that: $$(3.6)^2=c \approx 13$$ and $$(1.8)^2=13-5.4k \rightarrow k=1.8 \rightarrow (v(s))^2=13-1.8s$$ What bothers me is...
  6. Santilopez10

    Plane being tracked by radar

    I tried to workout the problem but I find motion in different coordinates systems a bit weird at the moment, so only thing I could do is realise that the x component of ##\vec r(t)## is: $$vt +x_0$$ but for simplicity we will use the initial condition ##x_0=0## so that ##t_0## is the moment the...
  7. J

    Equation of motion of a mass on a 2d curve

    So ##T+U=\frac{1}{2}m(\dot{x}^{2}+\dot{y}^{2})-mgy=constant##. If I derive this with respect to ##t## $$\dot{x}\ddot{x}+\dot{y}\ddot{y}-g\dot{y}=0$$ Then I use ##\dot{y}=\dot{x}\frac{dy}{dx},\ddot{y}=\ddot{x}\frac{dy}{dx}+\dot{x}^{2}\frac{d^{2}y}{dx^{2}}## to get...
  8. E

    Airtime for halfpipe skateboarder

    I've calculated the potential energy at the top of the halfpipe, before the boarder drops in: PE = 39.5 kg * 9.8 m/s^2 * 3.66 m = 1416 J Since the boarder would have no potential energy and all kinetic energy at the bottom of the halfpipe, KE = 1/2mv^2 = 1416 J 1/2 (39.5 kg) (v^2) = 1416 J So...
  9. V

    Man on ladder: jump off instantly vs last moment?

    So there are two cases: a). free fall (straight forward for me) b). ladder rotating and jumping off in last moment (I am interested in trying to understand this case) I believe I should take into account momentum at the time the man hits the ground in both cases? The smaller, the better. Or...
  10. V

    Pitcher throwing a baseball

    Hello. I have just started studying physics. Can someone explain to me how can I type in formulas here using Tex for nicer formatting? I suppose the force is F = ma. Question is: what is a? The starting throw angle is not mentioned, I suppose this task has to be related to gravity. All I know...
  11. Emilyyyyyyyyy

    Calculate the impact force when falling from a height

    To find vx vx = dx/t = 3.86 m/1.5 s= 2.573 m/s To find Ek Ek = ½mvx²= ½(79.4)(2.573)²= 262.8 J W = FnetΔd Fnet = 262.8 J/ 3.86 m = 68 N He hits him with a force of 68N
  12. archaic

    B Acceleration after applying a force

    Hello, 1) Suppose I throw a ball with a force ##F=ma##, the instant it leaves my hand, does it have the same acceleration ##a## added to it accelerations due to "ambient" forces (air resistance, gravity..)? 2) If I am right about 1), doesn't my hand already carry the acceleration/deceleration...
  13. A

    I Faking a Formula For Movement Through Gravity

    I have a strange question. It's strange because I don't need a correct answer. I need an answer that seems correct and leads to predictable results. I'm making a multiplayer computer game where the players fire cannons in outer space. The cannon shells will move through the gravitational fields...
  14. Avatrin

    Programming to learn kinematics

    Hi I am learning kinematics. Topics include inertia tensors, cosine matrices, quaternions, Euler angles etc... To learn these topics well, I want to try working on something a bit more difficult than just the underlying math. That will probably keep me more motivated. So, I am looking for...
  15. S

    Kinematic problem: velocity and stuff

    1. A stone is thrown vertically downwards from the observation deck of the CN Tower, 400 m above the ground, with a velocity of 12 m/s [down]. A) How long will it take the stone to reach the ground ? B) How fast will it be going when it hits the ground ? I just got into physics, so I’m not...
  16. D

    What is the maximum speed that an object must reach to satisfy minimum transit time?

    Hi, I need help with this problem: 1. Homework Statement Condition: an object has to move from point A to point B in the least time possible. The distance between the points is L. The object can accelerate (decelerate) with a fixed acceleration ##a## or move with a constant speed. What maximum...
  17. K

    Baseball in the air 2D motion question

    1. Homework Statement A baseball is hit into the air, nearly vertically, with a speed of 27 m/s. When it comes down, the ballplayer catches it in his glove. Air resistance (drag) is actually fairly important for a baseball in flight, but for now let’s assume it is negligible. (a) How high...
  18. T

    Maximizing Transferred Energy between n bodies in linear collisions

    1. Homework Statement My problem has two parts. 1) We have two point masses ##m,M##. and there is another mass ##m_1## between them.They are all aligned in a line. Mass ##M## is moving with speed ##u_1## toward ##m_1## and after collision and all other masses are not moving. we want to find...
  19. E

    Relationship between ln k and 1/t using different formula

    Hi, I'm currently taking Chemistry 101 and came across this equation that seems to contradict what I've learned before. I don't know the name of it, but here is the equation and its implication. Now another equation we have learned is the Arrhenius equation, which is as follows: If I...
  20. Subrahmanyan

    Electrical Help finding appropriate equipment

    I would like to measure time period of very short periods of electricity flow in the range of micro seconds or even smaller;can someone tell me me a device that can help me do this?
  21. navneet9431

    B Laws of motion while climbing a Rope

    I'm a little confused with the application of laws of motion on a man climbing a rope. Suppose a man of mass Mg is climbing a rope with an acceleration a. Rope is massless. Now if look through the frame of the piece of rope held by the man, there is a force Mg downward by man, ma downward...
  22. I

    Setting equations equal to each other

    1. Homework Statement Two cars are facing each other on a long straight airport runway. They are initially separated by a distance of 1 km. Car A begins to accelerate towards the other car at a uniform 0.5 ms^-2. Ten seconds later car B begins to move towards the other car with a uniform...
  23. A

    An electron & a proton are each placed in an electric field

    1. Homework Statement An electron and a proton are each placed at rest in an electric field of 687 N/C. What is the velocity of the electron 56.5 ns after being released? Consider the direction parallel to the field to be positive. The fundamental charge is 1.602×10−19 C, the mass of a proton is...
  24. devilish_wit

    I'm stuck! This is a combination of dynamics and free fall

    1. Homework Statement A flat cushion of mass m is released from rest at the corner of the roof of a building, at height h. A wind blowing along the side of the building exerts a constant horizontal force of magnitude F on the cushion as it drops as shown in the figure below. The air exerts no...
  25. devilish_wit

    I have a hard time with kinematics involving inclined planes

    1. Homework Statement Two blocks of mass m1 = 3.00 kg and m2 = 6.00 kg are connected by a massless string that passes over a frictionless pulley (see the figure below). The inclines are frictionless. Image - The inclined plane is shaped like a...
  26. C

    Raindrop free falling -- calculate the velocity and time

    1. Homework Statement Raindrops fall from a broken gutter at 1.0 s intervals to the ground , 19.6 m below Neglecting air resistance and taking g as 9.81 calculate the time for each drop to reach the ground velocity of the drops as they reach the ground speed of drop at the height of 14.7 m...
  27. L

    Kinematics of a Car Crash

    1. Homework Statement "Based on the following data, determine if the driver who crashed was driving over the speed limit" The relevant data given is: -A 2002 Volvo t-bones a truck in an alley with a speed limit of 20km/h -An eyewitness heard tires screech, then a loud bang, and also said...
  28. K

    Kinematics within a simulation

    1. Homework Statement I'm simulating a warehouse (in Unity) where forklifts and other vehicles transport stuff from point A to point B. The routes are modeled as a graph with vertices and edges. Every transport is saved as a task in a backend system with the relevant data such as starting time...