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Help with simulation in ANSYS Maxwell, 3D electromagnetism simulator

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    I'm currently conducting a very serious high school research project titled: Maximizing Energy Efficiency of a Linear Electromagnetic Accelerator

    I have recently been bestowed with a temporary license for a very advanced 3-dimensional electromagnetism simulator that should allow me to simulate the experiments that I have already conducted in the real world. Once I have simulated the work I have already done and confirmed that the results are very similar if not identical, I will move on to simulating scenarios that will further improve efficiency.

    It would be greatly beneficial to talk to someone knowledgeable about the issues that I'm experiencing and how to fix them.

    I'm having a few problems with my simulation:

    1) A linear electromagnetic accelerator is a device, also known as a coil gun, that accelerates a ferromagnetic projectile towards the center of a coil of wire when a current is flowing through the wire. I am currently unable to instruct the program to simulate the motion of the projectile with respect to time, or continually re-evaluate the force on the projectile at very small or infinitesimal distance and time intervals. How can I instruct Maxwell to evaluate the motion of the projectile in response to the attractive force exerted on it? This is important because while the projectile is accelerating towards the coil, the current in the coil, and thus the magnitude of the H field surrounding the projectile, and thus the magnitude of the B field inside of the projectile, is changing. This change is determined by RLC circuit dynamics, which leads to my next problem.

    2) I cannot integrate the circuit that I have created using Maxwell Circuit Editor into the physical 3d model created using Maxwell 3d. The coil is meant to be synonymous with an inductor that is a part of the circuit, with other elements like capacitors and resistors connected to it. How can I tell the program that the coil is meant to be the inductor in the circuit?

    If anyone is experienced with using ANSYS Maxwell or another ANSYS product, please respond to this thread with a suggestion or advice.
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    Problem solved, thread can be closed.
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    I have the same problem as you in Question 2).
    Can you post your solution?
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