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A simulation is the imitation of the operation of a real-world process or system over time. Simulations require the use of models; the model represents the key characteristics or behaviors of the selected system or process, whereas the simulation represents the evolution of the model over time. Often, computers are used to execute the simulation.
Simulation is used in many contexts, such as simulation of technology for performance tuning or optimizing, safety engineering, testing, training, education, and video games. Simulation is also used with scientific modelling of natural systems or human systems to gain insight into their functioning, as in economics. Simulation can be used to show the eventual real effects of alternative conditions and courses of action. Simulation is also used when the real system cannot be engaged, because it may not be accessible, or it may be dangerous or unacceptable to engage, or it is being designed but not yet built, or it may simply not exist.Key issues in modeling and simulation include the acquisition of valid sources of information about the relevant selection of key characteristics and behaviors used to build the model, the use of simplifying approximations and assumptions within the model, and fidelity and validity of the simulation outcomes. Procedures and protocols for model verification and validation are an ongoing field of academic study, refinement, research and development in simulations technology or practice, particularly in the work of computer simulation.

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  1. mhr005

    Software to Simulate a Renewable Grid with ML

    Hello, I am currently working on a paper that reqires me to simulate a renewable energy grid with machine learning. I'd be grateful if anyone with experience on this can give a few suggestion as to which software to use for this task. Thanks in advance.
  2. J

    I Minimum light bulb wattage for solar simulator

    I am trying to design a simple homemade PV solar simulator. I have picked metal-halide lamps as my light source. If the PV panel has an area of 1m^2 and I wanted to achieve spatial uniformity across the irradiated surface with an irradiance of 1000 W/m^2, how do I go about selecting what...
  3. K

    A Ray Tracing Simulator: Simulating Gaussian Beam in Bow Tie Cavity

    Hello! Is there any good free ray tracing simulator? I just want to simulate the behavior of a Gaussian beam in a simple bow tie cavity. Thank you!
  4. Bob Walance

    B A homebrew quantum computer simulator

    A while ago I started writing a quantum computer simulator in order to learn more about quantum computing. It certainly has helped me. The simulator is written in Python and the development was done on a Raspberry Pi 4. It has also been tested on a pc. In order to see it do something useful I...
  5. hb8yh8

    Calculators Looking for a free Multiphysics-type simulator

    comsol/ansys seem to do the job, but they are expensive I was looking for something like houdini (cg), but with actual nodes or click and define gui that provide accurate simulation (and code, but it doesn't force you to use it, unless you don't need to do something really specific) I've tried...
  6. DanjoJojo

    Getting Started with LMC Simulator for 3-Digit 10's Complement Calculation

    Summary:: So I'm trying to get more advanced with the lmc simulator, https://www.101computing.net/LMC/ But it's kind of hard to understand and keep track when it gets long. Provide an LMC program that will provide a value in three digits ten's complement. The program will take two inputs, a...
  7. F

    Software simulator for point charges & conductors

    Is there any software/simulator of point charges/conductors? Preferably with features enabling dynamics of charges.
  8. sa1988

    Pure Physicist - A physics simulator app

    There are plenty of physics apps around already but most seem to just be words and pictures. I haven't found many that offer good simulators for proper textbook physics. So I made one. Pure Physicist - Google Play The underlying physics 'engine' uses the as yet incomplete University Physics...
  9. DaveC426913

    Natural Selection Simulator like Conways' Game of Life

    I'm considering making a Natural Selection Simulator (possibly in Java). I've always been fascinated with the idea that so many traits can evolve independently of each other in the same population (even little things like tufted ears and loss of tail, etc.) and I want to see it in action. Like...
  10. gleem

    SpaceX SpaceX Dragon docking simulator

    Practice your skills at docking Dragon with the ISS. Could be a lot more stressful in the real thing.https://iss-sim.spacex.com/
  11. X

    I Building a solar system simulator

    Hiya Hiya. I'm trying to build a solar system simulator for research purposes, and this does not seem to be all that easy. As in, my firsts tests have the moon shooting out of the solar system... I was wondering if you folks could offer some guidance. So, since it's for research, accuracy is...
  12. X

    Was KSP a somewhat accurate space flight simulator?

    KSP was one of the most famous science games as it simulates a complete space program, as well as physics such as aerodynamics and orbital mechanics. Such science focused games are rare, and something favourable amongst nerds. To make it even better, it is easy to modify the game and add almost...
  13. R

    I How can Kepler's laws be visualized using a simulator?

    Hello, I am loking for some simulator of the solar system where the movement of the planets is represented. I´'m interested in seeing the central force and linear velocity vectors.
  14. D

    I Orbital Simulator with general relativity

    Is it possible to calculate with precision the orbits of the Earth, Moon and Sun with general relativity instead of Newtonian Physics? How would this work? Would the software have to record past positions of each body and have the Earth be attracted to the old sun's position 8 minutes ago...

    Yenka simulator to build an RS flip-flop

    < Mentor Note -- thread moved to HH from the technical forums, so no HH Template is shown > a) Using the Yenka (or similar) simulator, you are required to build an RS flip-flop using 2 NAND gates, switches, LEDs and 330Ω resistors. Test the circuit and prove its correct operation against the...
  16. CrosisBH

    Why Does My VPython Moon Orbit Simulation Not Maintain a Circular Path?

    Code: https://pastebin.com/5LajNBpj So I was messing with VPython, trying to create an Earth-Moon System. I got the actual gravity to work, and can create some nice ellipical orbits. However I run into trouble trying to make the actual (almost) circular orbit of the moon. I know that the...
  17. T

    A Free Simulator Software for Vacuum Field BVPs | Tom

    Hi, I am interested in simulating the vacuum field equations, but solving a full boundary value problem rather than the initial value problem. i.e. I might have boundary conditions in all spatial and temporal extents/extremes, rather than just an initial 3D surface. Does anyone know any free...
  18. hsdrop

    B Looking for a Gyroscopic Simulator program

    I'm looking for a gyroscope simulator to see how a gyroscope would react in different situations and forces put on it. I have had an idea in my head for weeks now. It's starting to drive me a little crazy bouncing around in my head. I would like to see if the concept would work before I try...
  19. I

    B Looking For a Physics Simulator

    Hello, I have an engineering project idea I hopefully would like to enter into a big science fair. I will need a physics Simulator that can show the effect of differing amounts of forces on 2 things joined by an electromagnet. Preferably free/open source or has a free student licence. If there...
  20. S

    A What's the best quantum simulator?

    Hello. What is the best quantum simulator till now? We could select two categories: a) Best full simulator able to solve the equations describing a system in 3D and watching its temporal evolution. b) Best digital simulator, algorithm analyzer. For the second options I have some candidates...
  21. sefiroths

    Java Solar system simulator JAVA source code

    Hi, I'm developing a very simple solar system simulator for educational purpose. I had taken from wikipedia mass, velocity of planet and applied universal gravitation formula and applied to all celestial corps. It works well, but when I add the moon... the moon is like a planet, rotating around...
  22. Ben S

    I How Can I Improve My 2D Newtonian Gravity Simulator?

    I recently put together a simple 2D gravity simulator and I'd like to get some feedback or suggestions you may have for future updates. I'm planning to make a 3D version and improve the animation (framerate, realism, etc). This first simulation includes the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars...
  23. sa1988

    Made a 2D fluid flow simulator

    I've made a fluid flow simulator, for anyone interested in fluid dynamics. The simulator models some basic flows which I learned on a 2nd year fluid dynamics course. It doesn't include viscosity, density or whatever else (hence for example the flow past a sphere in the simulator is a perfect...
  24. 6

    B Double Slit Simulator: Online Visualization & Path Variations

    Is there an online simulator which can be used to visualize the double slit interference? I know this can be done via equations, but as I am working with my kids on this, I prefer visual and want to add variations of different polarizers before each slit. If no simulator available, any...
  25. C

    Motion simulator software control

    Hello Everyone. Thank you for reading this. :smile: I have a made a motion simulator pneumatically controlled. It is a bowl held by a stationary cradle with air cylinders tilting the bowl left,right, forwards and backwards. The software to control the cylinders is giving me fits. I am...
  26. Kaura

    JavaScript Gravity Simulator: JavaScript & HTML Canvas Code Review

    Recently I have been working on a gravity simulator using JavaScript and HTML Canvas I know that is not the most practical method but it fits my current skill set at the moment I have worked out the basics but due to my lack of experience in coding I was simply looking for people who better...
  27. m4r35n357

    Java JavaSCript/HTML5 Equatorial Black Hole Simulator

    Not to be confused with the full 3/4D one that I was plugging a while ago . . . this HTML5 canvas/JavaScript page was inspired by an old visual aid (requires Java plugin) that I found lacking in several areas. The improvements that I have made include: Handles spinning black holes, with...
  28. Strilanc

    I Quirk: A drag-and-drop in-browser quantum circuit simulator

    (A follow-up on this thread.) I've posted before about Quirk, the toy quantum circuit simulator I'm working on. It's improved quite a lot in the past month (e.g. resizable gates, more displays, log-scale indicators). So I figured I'd mention it again. You can play with it at...
  29. Strilanc

    I What is the Quantum Circuit Simulator?

    I've been working on a quantum circuit simulator. It works in-browser; you drag-and-drop gates and it shows information about the resulting superposition / mixed state. I'm looking for feedback about it. The source code is on github, but you can play with a live version at...
  30. NPB777

    Ultrasound Transducers and Simulator

    Presently I am working on Underwater Acoustic Wireless Transmission. I desire to measure water parameters at the bottom of the surface of the water and then pass it to the water surface using Ultrasound. There will be a buoy at the surface which is half submerged and half floating. The floating...
  31. LtIvan

    Recommendation on a Circuit Simulator Software

    All I need is a basic circuit simulator. I've got the Quite Universal Circuit simulator. It works fine as a schematic designer but not as a simulator. I want something similar to Crocodile Technology. I have used Crocodile Technology on Yenka but I don't like how you can only use it in...
  32. P

    Gravity Simulator 2D: Calculating Trajectories

    I want to create a simple 2d Gravity simulator where I have a large body i.e. A circle which could be a planet or the sun. I then want to simulate small comets or asteroids traveling past it, crashing into or being pulled into orbit. I know the gravitational force formula but that seems the...
  33. W

    Help designing an n-body gravity simulator in Python

    Hi everyone: I wanted to design a 2-dimensional gravity simulator as part of a larger research project. I wrote it in Python using numpy to store positions, velocities, and accelerations, and matplotlib to display the trajectories; code is available upon request. In order to solve the problem...
  34. AHashemi

    Explore the Solar System with a Dynamic Simulator for Teaching - Free Download

    Hi Is there a software in which I can for example change the orbit or angular velocity of the moon and observe it's effects on Earth's daytime/nighttime? I want to use it for teaching so I need it to be visual. thanks.
  35. A

    How Does Air Pressure Affect Curveball Distance in Different Ballparks?

    Hello everyone, It's my first time posting, so I hope everyone is doing well. I am looking for some help for a high school research paper/lab I'm currently working on. Basically, I am investigating how the varying air pressures of different baseball parks have an effect on the distance traveled...
  36. R

    Simulator for Radiometry:Radiosity/Radiant Flux density?

    Hey All, I was wondering if anyone knows of any good simulation software packages that can do quantitative radiometry. I'm thinking COMSOL may have a radiometry suite, but I'm not very familiar with the software or package offerings. Basically, I'm trying to optimize the placement of hundreds...
  37. F

    Atomic electromagnetic simulator

    hello is there a software that simulates electromagnetic field around atoms, materials? to simulate the forces that drive chemical reactions? thanks!
  38. B

    Need help programming an Orbital Simulator

    Homework Statement Hey, so basically I'm doing Advanced Higher Computing Science at school (It's a Scottish qualification), and I need to build an orbital simulator in VB.Net 2008 (nothing too fancy), but I'm having issues planning it all out. I'm only going to have one planet orbiting a star...
  39. S

    Help simulating my circuit with Electronics simulator

    I designed a circuit for my take-home Electronics final (for which we can use Google etc.) but I can't figure out how to test it in an electronics simulator. I'm trying to use Partsim and don't know what to do about outputs/inputs. It's a BJT amplifier. The output is supposed to be on the...
  40. m4r35n357

    "Simple" 4D Kerr Geodesics simulator, source code and docs

    Looks like my main pet GR project is about to enter something akin to maintenance mode, since it now does all I currently need it to. It's nothing earth-shattering at first glance, but is very concise (e.g. ~100 lines of Python for the simulator script) and should be easier to understand than...
  41. B

    Physic simulator ( Pc Software )

    Hello all, i need your help. And thank you forward for those who will. Im looking for a computer program, that would simulate physic...most important would be simulation of magnetism , gravity and mass. Simple form of what i am looking for: Make cube in 3D world, set its mass, set its material...
  42. I

    Can't tell if I made a chaotic circuit or if I broke the sim

    So, I was playing around with a couple of voltage multiplier circuits a few months ago, and while optimizing one design, I came up with a pretty neat (not to brag) way of converting a sine wave to a square wave by using transformers in a completely different way than normally. A little while...
  43. OmCheeto

    Impact: Earth A meteor/comet impact simulator

    Impact: Earth! A meteor/comet impact simulator(text only) provided by Purdue University. Lots of fun. :smile: You can smash things into the Earth varying the diameter, density, velocity, angle, land or water entry, and your distance from impact. 1 meter: very boring. happens every 1.1 year...
  44. K

    Hydraulic motor torque for a home-built flight simulator

    I am constructing a home built flight simulator and am using hydraulic motors with a arm attached to the motor spindle for movement. I need to know how much torque I would need in the motor to lift 1000 lbs. Also I need to know how fast the motor should be to move the weight 1 foot in 2 seconds...
  45. voodooattack

    Cilium - An artificial life simulator

    Here is something that I've been working on for the past two weeks, it's in its early stages, although I've done a lot of work. Fair warning: this is really CPU intensive and will crush anything short of an i7. Do not open it with a handheld! http://cilium.codebuffalo.com/ Please check it out...
  46. G

    PAX Nuclear Reactor Simulator Question

    Hi to all, I am currently a student studying chemistry in high-school. My teacher has a program which he runs on very old laptops called the PAX Nuclear Reactor Simulator. I have a bit of experience writing code in C and Java. My teacher has mentioned that the school may trash the laptops which...
  47. J

    Maximizing Efficiency: Using Luxeon S LEDs for Solar Simulator Design

    I want to make a solar simulator with LEDs. I want to get a net intensity of 1 Sun(1000 W/m^2). My LEDs have the following specifications: LUXEON S LXS8-PW30 Luminous flux at 700 mA, 85°C* 1315 lm Radiant flux at 700 mA, 85°C 4113 mW 1931 CIE color points at 700 mA, 85°C (0.4304, 0.4030)...
  48. J

    LED Solar Simulator: Design, Schematics & LEDs

    Hi, I want to make a solar simulator with white LEDs as a part of my project. I searched net about it, but couldn't get much details about it? Can some one help me with the basic schematics, no. of LEDs required and the design? Regards, Jefin
  49. T

    Light ray simulator? Snell's law/refraction

    I would like to simulate a light ray hitting and refracting through a transparent freeform shape. Any advice on software which will do this easily? I want to just draw the shape, point the light at it, and see where the beam goes. Tom
  50. J

    Does anyone know of a simple eye simulator? (geometrical optics)

    I'm looking for a "simple" calculator, most likely a matrix based thing, to allow me to work out the size of an image projected on the retina by an object of a given size some distance from the retina. being the eye, the thin film approximation is no good (i.e. if I have an object 3cm from the...