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  1. jdiab11

    Problem with Ansys Maxwell "current leak to the air"

    Hi everyone, I am currently trying to simulate an electric plasma arc (tip to tip configuration), same as the one shown in the picture here, I made the vacuum region such as it is 50% from the sides, and touches the current in and out region However when I run the analysis, I am getting the...
  2. G

    I Why Do Some Theorists Claim Cosmic Inflation Dilutes Magnetic Monopoles?

    So if Maxwell's Equations state that Div B = 0 which is a statement that there are no magnetic monopoles why do some folks claim that Cosmic Inflation "dilutes" magnetic monopoles?
  3. O

    Deriving Maxwell's equations from the Lagrangian

    This isn't a homework problem (it's an example from David Tong's QFT notes where I didn't understand the steps he took), but I am confused as to how exactly to take the partial derivative of the Lagrangian with respect to ##\partial(\partial_\mu \mathcal{A}_\nu)##. (Note the answer is...
  4. S

    I The vector math of relative motion of wire-loop & bar magnet

    I was watching this video about how the problem of a wire-loop moving relative to a bar magnet: The case of presuming that the wire-loop is fixed seems to be that the magnetic flux (along the surface normal to the direction of the centerline - call it C) through the wire-loop is changing in...
  5. milkism

    Maxwell Stress components of the energy-stress-momentum tensor

    Question: Solution: I need help with the last part. I think my numerical factors are incorrect, even if I add the last term it will get worse. What have I done wrong, or is there a better way to deal with this?
  6. Y_G

    Ansys Maxwell - Coordinate System Limitations

    Hi everybody, I encountered a problem simulation of permanent magnets (PM) in Ansys Maxwell. There are many PM in my simulation and I need to define for each of them a proper coordinate system (CS). But I could only defined 255 CS. After that I can create new CS but It won't be possible to...
  7. M

    A Maxwell theory invariant under dual field strength tensor application

    Hello everybody! I know in classical field theory adding in the Lagrangian density a term of the form Fαβ (*F)αβ (where by * we denote the dual of the field strength tensor) does not change the EOM, since this corresponds to adding a total derivative term to the action. However when computing...
  8. N

    Particle Maxwell's demon full experiment description

    Hey! Does anyone have the large/full description of Maxwell's demon thought experiment? I've read it on Wikipedia, but I was wondering if someone knows a better source I can reach legally. Thanks.
  9. sol47739

    B Shape & Dimensions of Containers: Impact on the Maxwell Boltzmann Distribution

    1.Does the Maxwell Boltzmann distribution change depending on the shape of the container? Pressure and the volume is constant. How is the Distribution affected whether the gas is in: a,sphere b,cube c,cuboid? Why does/doesn’t the distribution change depending on the shape of the container...
  10. O

    M700 Steel in Maxwell Electronics 2D Material Library

    Hi everybody, I don't have M700 grade silicon/electrical steel data to add to Maxwell Electronics 2D Material Library. How/Where can I find this data? Could you help me? Thanks, Oguzhan Gonc
  11. JH_1870

    A Relationship between magnetic potential and current density in Maxwell

    I am currently studying to solve Maxwell's equations using FEM. I have a question about Maxwell's equations while studying. I understood that the magnetic potential becomes ▽^2 Az = -mu_0 Jz when the current flows only in the z-axis. I also understood the effect of the current flowing in a...
  12. L

    A Maxwell equation. Commuting time and spatial derivatives.

    When we can use relation? \mbox{curl}(-\frac{\partial \vec{B}}{\partial t})=-\frac{\partial}{\partial t}\mbox{curl}\vec{B}
  13. C

    A Perturbation of Maxwell stress from voltage distribution

    I have a voltage distribution ##V(x,y) = V_{dc}(x,y)+ V_{ac}(x,y) \cos(\omega t)##, I have derived the Matrix e. But I do not know how to extract it from the voltage, meaning I do not know how to find ##E_{x0} , E_{y0}, \delta E_{x}, \delta E_{y}## in terms of ##V_{dc}(x,y), V_{ac}(x,y)##...
  14. okara61

    A Coil excitation adjustment on 3D Ansys Maxwell transient analysis

    Hi. I am making a 3D Ansys Maxwell project to design DC electromagnet. My model as in attached pictures. I have couple of questions. 1- How important the width value of sheet of coil terminal? Altough I did not change number of conductors and current of coil, changing the width of sheet of the...
  15. piyushverma

    Ansys Maxwell: Transient generator simulation torque fluctuation

    I am working on an axial flux generator design, I consisits of 2 rotors and one stator, there are 6 pole pairs and 9 coils. Here is my simulation setup The three phase windings are connected in star configuration through Maxwell circuit. I created two bands enclosing each rotor and then united...
  16. Melon

    Maxwell 3D number of conductors question

    Hi guys, I wonder when I have defined the strand number of litz wire in copper material properities in Maxwell 3D, should I keep number of conductors in coil terminal added in a winding the same as number of of litz strand? For example, 2 for strands litz wire and then 2 for number of...
  17. Y_G

    Optimetrics simulation of a coil and moving permanent magnet in Ansys Maxwell

    I'm trying to simulate a Magnetostatic problem. In my model there are two coils and a reciprocating permanent magnet. I defined a parameter, Xpm (movement of permanent magnet) in x direction to imply the reciprocating movement of permanent magnet like a piston. Xpm = f(t). I defined "t" as sweep...
  18. Melon

    Maxwell 3D & Icepak thermal simulation for a air coil

    Hi Guys, I am doing a Maxwell 3D&Icepak thermal simulation for a air coil. I want to get its temperature when loading 1.6A current. So I use Eddy Current type in Maxwell 3D and Temperature and Flow type in Icepak. Then I load 1.6A solid current and adaptive frequency of 800 MHz for the coil...
  19. DaniV

    Proving modified Maxwell action is gauge invariant

    I want to show that the action staying the same action after taking ##A^\mu \to A^\mu + \partial ^\mu \chi##, for the first term I suceeded in showing the invariance using the fact ##[\partial ^ \mu , \partial ^\nu]=0## but for the second term I'm getting: ##\epsilon^{\alpha\mu\nu}A_\alpha...
  20. L

    Maxwell Equations, Lorentz Force and Coulumb Force

    Here the 3 set of equations we know, the Maxwell Equations, Lorentz Force, and Coulumb Force, actually I doubt a lot what set of equations represent all the electromagnetic aspects, I try research over the internet and I found a lot of contradictions in the answers, someone says we can get the...
  21. Like Tony Stark

    Partial derivatives of enthelpy and Maxwell relations

    I've attached images showing my progress. I have used Maxwell relations and the definitions of ##\alpha##, ##\kappa## and ##c##, but I don't know how to continue. Can you help me?
  22. LCSphysicist

    Derive the Maxwell "with source" equation

    We need to derive the Maxwell "with source" equation, of course, using the tensor equation $$\partial F^{\mu v}/ \partial x^{v} = j^{\mu}/c$$ D is the spacetime dimension To do this, it was said to us vary the action wrt the ##A^{\mu}## The first term just vanish, and I want to evaluate the...
  23. S

    I How Does T-Duality Affect the Tension Coefficient in String Theory Actions?

    I'm working on a problem involving the following action: $$S_1 = T_{p+1}\int{d^{p+2}\sigma (\frac{1}{4}\alpha'^2 F_{\mu\nu}F^{\mu\nu} + \frac{1}{2} \partial_\alpha X^i \partial^{\alpha} X^J \delta_{ij}+ \text{interaction terms})}$$ which represents the action of an effective free string theory...
  24. E

    Maxwell's Equations and the Variation of Metric Determinant

    First, I let ##\omega = \sqrt{-g} dx^0 \wedge \dots \wedge dx^3## be the top-form on ##M##, and making use of the inner-product on the space of forms I can write$$\begin{align*} F \wedge \star F = g(F,F) \omega &= \frac{1}{4} F_{\mu \nu} F_{\rho \sigma} \begin{vmatrix} g(dx^{\mu}, dx^{\rho}) &...
  25. SalahAhmed03

    Sٍٍhort circuit simulation using ANSYS Maxwell

    How to make a short circuit in stator winding of electrical machine using ANSYS Maxwell? Any information will be highly appreciated.
  26. greg_rack

    Confusion when dealing with loops and surfaces with Maxwell equations

    DISCLAIMER: in Italy, we talk about "circuitazione" of a field through a closed loop ##\gamma##, for the physical quantity $$\Gamma_\gamma(\overrightarrow{E}) = \sum_{k}\overrightarrow{\Delta l_k} \cdot \overrightarrow{E_k}$$ but after some research, I haven't managed to find the correspondent...
  27. S

    Physics History (Maxwell) Rotary Vectors?

    I am reading the text 'Innovations in Maxwell's Electromagnetic Theory'. on page 44 there is a discussion on Ampere's circuital law . The passage is below. I don't understand the final statement. "In general represent a kind of relationship that obtains between certain pairs of phenomena , of...
  28. H

    Can i draw a helical coil around a rectangular core in Ansys maxwell?

    I am doing core loss calculations in Ansys Maxwell for a project, in which I need to draw a helical coil around a rectangular core to get a more realistic model. But I haven't really found any helpful material. I don't know if its possible, but if it is I would really appreciate your help. Thank...
  29. khaled_omar

    Validation issue in ANSYS MAXWELL regarding boundaries and excitations

    I am facing this error disabling from obtaining magnetic field observation anyone has an idea on what I should do to avoid this error? At least one of the following boundaries needs to be specified: Vector potential, Balloon or (odd)Symmetry. the work is so basic just inject currents as a...
  30. H

    Ansys Maxwell Simulation- Torque Fluctuating

    Hi guys! I do have a problem in ansys maxwell simulation of a generator. The moving torque (which represents electromagnetic torque) fluctuates around zero which is not correct. Induced Voltages are ok. How can I fix this problem?
  31. iVenky

    Can light cause eddy currents?

    This may sound dumb.. We know metals reflect microwave. One way to look at this is considering an eddy current formed inside the metal that cause the reflected EM Flux. When glass reflects light, does something similar happen? Can we have eddy currents (or something analogous) with light since...
  32. Rzbs

    I Maxwell Boltzmann distribution

    In the Aschcroft & Mermin solid state book there is a curve to compare F.D and M.B distribution. I can't understand the concept of M.B curve; what does mean exactlly when x =0? It means the probability of zero energy for particles is most or ...?
  33. SalahAhmed03

    Modeling an Induction motor in ANSYS Maxwell 2D

    Hii Friends. I was trying to model an Induction motor in ANSYS Maxwell 2D. The final output of Transient torque (negative torque) looks like shown below. The input passed is a sine wave current with 120 deg phase shift. Any Suggestion will be highly appreciated
  34. T

    A Integration of the Maxwell Speed Distribution

    Need some help on how to solve the integration formula for Maxwell speed distribution, here is the procedure on how to solve for the kinetic energy: Not familiar with the error function yet, but the result for the kinetic energy integration is...
  35. T

    Can the charge conservation law be derived from Maxwell equations?

    From Maxwell's equations \partial_\nu F^{\mu\nu}=J^{\mu}, one can derive charge conservation. The derivation is 0\equiv \partial_\mu \partial_\nu F^{\mu\nu}= \partial_\mu J^{\mu} { \Rightarrow}\partial_\mu J^{\mu}=0. However, a circular reasoning exists in it. For the sake of better...
  36. R

    Maxwell distributions and average, RMS, and most probable speeds

    What I know about a Maxwell distribution is that an area under the distribution on an interval gives the fraction of the molecules with speeds on that interval. My first question is what does Maxwell's distribution represent? It is given by the formula ##P(v) = 4\pi \left(\frac{M}{2\pi...
  37. B

    Topological insulators and their optical properties

    I have tried to write down the boundary conditions in this case and looked into them. As conditions i) and ii) were trivial, i looked into iii) and iv) for information that I could use. But all I got was that for the transmitted wave to have an angle, the reflective wave should also have an...
  38. T

    I Maxwell kinetic energy distribution

    Hello. I need some guidance on how to find the fraction of molecules with KE between K1 and K2 from the Maxwell kinetic energy distribution function. Here's an link to an earlier post where the speed distribution was integrated, how will I proceed with the kinetic energy distribution...
  39. T

    Maxwell Kinetic Energy Distribution

    I want to calculate the kinetic energy distribution amongst let's say nitrogen molecules by using M.K.E.D, but not sure where to start. I posted a picturefrom my physics book where the formula is shown, there was no example in the book. As for g(K), is K the same as the kinetic energy formula...
  40. C

    Doubt about the 1st Law of Maxwell

    Good afternoon, My question concerns Maxwell's first law. Knowing the formula of the electric field created by a uniformly charged disk, we calculate its divergence and evaluate it at one point, it does not give us zero, as it should be because the volumetric density of charge is zero, why does...
  41. E

    How to Read Properties in Ansys Maxwell Using GetPropertyValue?

    Hello How can i read Properties from Electronic Desktop? I think, i has to use the GetPropertyValue methode, but i don't know how to parameterize. As example the speed parameter. This parameter can be wirtten als follows, but how is it read? oDesign.ChangeProperty Array("NAME:AllTabs"...
  42. Decimal

    Is the Maxwell Ampere Law in Lieberman's Textbook Correctly Stated?

    Hello, I am currently working through Liebermans textbook on plasma physics. The book starts by simply stating the Maxwell equations, which are used heavily throughout the book. The Maxwell Ampere law however is written in a form that I have never seen before and I am not sure is correct. They...
  43. menniandscience

    Retarded and advanced potentials

    "of the two types of solutions which the Maxwell equations yield for the wave equation, the retarded and advanced potentials, only the retarded field seems to have a physical meaning," let's start please with basic (and detailed as possible for the knowledgeable layman! p.s-which equation is...
  44. A

    Ansys Maxwell Simulation - Evaluation of Eddy currents in a Vessel

    Hi, guys, I am developing a simulation in Ansys Maxwell. I set up my simulation in the "transient mode", and I would like to evaluate the eddy currents that arise in a metal Vessel. The currents rise to a flat top in 20 ms and then after 20 ms in the flat top, it decreases to zero in 20 ms. I...
  45. A

    Time dependent current input in Ansys Maxwell 3D

    Hi guys, I am new to this phorum and Ansys Maxwell as well. I am trying to pass as an input a time dependent current, but I really do not know how to do it. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Cheers, Alessio
  46. JD_PM

    Understanding the Maxwell Stress Tensor

    The elecromagnetic force can be expressed using the Maxwell Stress Tensor as: $$\vec F = \oint_{s} \vec T \cdot d \vec a - \epsilon \mu \frac{\partial }{\partial t} \oint_{V} \vec S d\tau $$ (How can I make the double arrow for the stress tensor ##T##?) In the static case, the second term...
  47. S

    Ansys Maxwell -- How do I add a permanent magnet into my simulation?

    hi all I am going to do a project in ansys maxwel, actually i need to add a magnet and i know i have to do it with add material. my magnet is NdFeB . i give the material from net, actually i can not valid them because they are different in value. I need to calculate Mu(permeability ) and I nedd...
  48. Bill McKay

    Maxwell's calculations on electromagnetism's speed = light speed

    I'm studying history of electromagnetism. Here is my question regarding Maxwell's classical brilliant work. I understand these constants (for now) And I understand this: And I understand this: But I need to understand how this math below gets us to the speed of light. I don't understand...