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Help with telescope/observatory data and images

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    I was wondering if anyone would help me get my hands on some telescope data and images of exoplanets. I know they must exist somewhere in databases on the internet, but I haven't been able to find them myself. It would be great if one of you could show me where I could get them or even if you just happen to have the data stored on your hard drive or something and you were able to share it with me that would also be great. I'm looking for examples of data for the following methods of detecting exoplanets:

    Radial velocity
    direct imaging

    Just the raw data, if you can. It doesn't matter for what exoplanet or what telescope or observatory. Or if you could point me to an online database that's relatively easy navigate. Thanks so much!
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    Is there something wrong with all of the fine Exoplanet databases currently online?
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    Try this site. It has tutorials where you can walk through data of planets discovered by the transit method.
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    Oh this is perfect, thank you so much!
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