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Help with understanding equilibrium & temperature

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    Can someone explain why when you increase the temperature on an endothermic reaction, it yields more products? Is it because the activation energy is higher in an endothermic reaction, so there is more time for the products to form? also why does decreasing the temperature yield more products in an exothermic reaction. I'm having trouble grasping this.


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    Ah so I kept on reading the text book and it says that According the Le Chatelier's principle that if the temperature is increased, the system will react to try and decrease the temperature so it favors the endothermic reaction to absorb the energy. and when temperature is decreased the reaction favors exothermic reactions to release energy to increase the temperature. So an endothermic reaction will favor a reverse reaction which will increase the concentration of hydrogen and nitrogen.

    Anything to add to this?
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