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Help would be very much appreciated please

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    Evaluate the limit and indicate appropriate limit laws.

    lim square root of u^4+3u+6

    Evaluate the limit

    lim x^2+5x+4/x^2-3x-4

    Find the limit

    lim t^2+2/t^3+t^2-1

    Please can someone help me?
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    Well, let's take the first one, inserting -2 at the u's place, we get 16=2^4.

    Thus, we may check whether 16 is, indeed, the limit as u tends to -2.

    We therefore manipulate the expression:
    Thus, if you can argue for that the latter factor is bounded as u tends to -2, the factor |u+2| will ensure that the entire expression tends to zero, proving that 16, indeed, is the limit of the given expression.
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