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Higgs bosom is this where energy becomes mass?

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    The Higgs bosons has no mass before it travels through the Higgs field. So is this the point where energy becomes mass?
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    This - the OP's subject title - has the potential to be the greatest typo ever, even exceeding "space mites" for "space time".


    edit: Better hope there isn't a lady named Higgs at CERN or she might be giving you a good kicking :-)
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    rorix: thanks for pointing out that typo....I must be waaay too focused on physics since I never even noticed it!!!!!

    I don't think that's quite the idea....My understanding is that the higgs boson mass arises as a result of symmetry breaking....simultaneously with the field....I believe fermions theoretically acquire mass as you describe.

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    The Higgs boson is the same thing as the higgs field. Your question makes no sense at all.
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    Here is a simple one line answer:


    If your question is "Why does the boson exhibit mass" a brief answer is
    "In empty space, the Higgs field has an amplitude different from zero; i.e. a non-zero vacuum expectation value. The existence of this non-zero vacuum expectation plays a fundamental role; it gives mass to every elementary particle that couples to the Higgs field, including the Higgs boson itself...." same link
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