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Higgs potential and fluctuations about the vacuum

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    Hello! I was hoping somebody may be able to help me understand something much beyond the physics I have learned so far. I need to complete an assignment that I believe is asking me to find the Higgs potential function?

    1. My professor mentioned the following: minimization at the origin, spontaneous symmetry breaking, and choices of a parameter such that (H)[itex]\neq[/itex]0. Could anyone organize these topics for me? For instance, what is this process called, and what is its role in the theory?

    Thanks, and I apologize if this is vague and/or incorrect
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    You have all you need already.

    Higgs potential should find you the form of the potential.

    Plot it for different values of the constants. (Positive and negative)

    Then you will be able to find the behaviour you need.

    Symmetry breaking its all to do with goldstones theorem. It's role is different depending on the nature of what theory your potential is from and how you choose to break the symmetry.
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    :smile:Thank you for your response RGauld!
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