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Higher Chemical Concentration = Higher Temperature of Precipitation. Why?

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    If two chemicals are mixed together, say: [tex]Na_2SO_4 + CaCl_2 --> 2NaCl + CaSO_4[/tex]

    If I had varying concentrations of the reactant solutions, why is it that the higher concentration mixtures will precipitate at a higher temperature? and lower concentration chemicals will precipitate at a lower temperature?
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    Think about how solubility is affected with a change in temperature.
    In what situation (higher or lower temperature) will more solute (NaCl and CaSO4) dissolve in the water?
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    Can u explain more clearly
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    As temperature increases solublity of both products increases. But solublity decreases when concentration is increased. At any temperature it is more likely that higher concentration will yield higher precipitation.
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    So by increasing concentration we are increasing the solubility. By increasing solubility we are lowering the temperature at which the precipitation occurs?

    Do you know any website that has the theory behind this?

    thx for the reply
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