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  1. Quentin_alex

    Co precipitation of ceria-zirconia-lanthana catalyst support

    My question concerns the resultant particles of a co precipitation reaction. What effects occur when you accelerate/decelerate a co precipitation reaction? What are optimal conditions (speed, etc.) for this process? I am interested primarily in the effects on the resultant powder. Thank you.
  2. D

    Water molecules effect on Hydrogen bonds in precipitation

    Cheers everyone. Can the amount of water molecules added to a solution impact the formation of a salt with its ions mainly bonded through hydrogen bonds with electrostatic like behaviour? Let me give Some background to the question first: I am studying the precipitation of Phosphorous(P) as...
  3. B

    Predicting precipitates in a solution

    Let's say we have a solution supersaturated with several species of ions, and there are a few potential precipitates predicted to be formed that all have one contain one species in common (therefore they are competing for that common ionic species). How can we predict which species will...
  4. B

    Help please with this precipitation exercise

    Knowing Ks=6⋅10−38 for Fe(OH)3 in neutral solutions, calculate the minimum pH of an acidic solution in order to completely dissolve 10 mg of Fe(OH)3. Data: Volume = 0.1 L. I set out the equation for the equilibrium constant. having first calculated the concentration or iron ions (9.35899*10-4...
  5. TheSodesa

    Precipitation of lead hydroxide in the presence of EDTA

    Homework Statement 1. The question EthyleneDiamineTetra-acetate(##EDTA^{4-}##) is used in chemical analysis as a complex-former. ##EDTA^{4-}## is also used to treat heavy metal poisoning, as it forms water soluble complexes with them which can then be easily removed by the body. The reaction...
  6. N

    Weird precipitation issue

    We're attempting to measure the immunogenic affects of a particular molecule after subsequent acid and base treatments. As a first version, we're keeping it simple. After all treatment and neutralization, we wind up with 400 uL 0.2 N HCl + 400 uL 0.2 N NaOH + 200 uL H2O. We are getting massive...
  7. V

    Selective precipitation, purity and yield of precipitate

    Homework Statement An aqueous effluent contains 12 M Cd2+ and 10 M Mg2+ as solution of nitrates. Current practice is use NaOH to selectively precipitate the metals. (a) Is it feasible to get 0 Cd impurities in Mg ppt by using NaF instead of NaOH (back up your answer with adequate calculations)...
  8. Teemo

    Solubility and Precipitation of Unknown Ion

    Homework Statement A colorless solution is known to contain one of these ions. Which ion is present if adding dilute HCl produces a white precipitate that dissolves when the solution is warmed? (A) Ag+ (B) Cu2+ (C) Hg22+ (D) Pb2+ Homework Equations N/A The Attempt at a Solution I know it...
  9. J

    Question about precipitation

    The question is in the attachment... "this is an old past exam question" for i) I assume that the pressure will remain constant (I'm not sure) since volume is likely to increase proportion to the decrease in temperature. (Is this correct?) Best Regards