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Hofstra Graduate Medical Physics Program

  1. Oct 24, 2012 #1
    Are there any thoughts about the Hofstra Graduate Medical Physics Program from current or other prospective students. I don't think they are Campep accredited yet. What does that mean for any graduates. Would I be able to get into a residency afterwards?
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    I do not know anything specifically about the Hofstra program, but I would think many residencies would prefer students from CAMPEP-accredited programs (all else being equal).

    You could contact them and ask whether or not they are currently actively pursuing accreditation. They may become accredited during your time there. The mission statement for their program claims that they are hoping to become certified but that is not very specific.

    It's good to consider these things, as you will be required to complete a CAMPEP-accredited medical physics residency in order to be eligible for certification by the American Board of Radiology.
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    thanks for your input. I agree it is important to consider the approval. that is one of my main concerns about the program. It is fairly new (fist year I think) and I am curious about the logistics if it can become Campep accredited quickly. Hoping to become accredited and actually being credited are very different.

    The program has linkage to the LIJ hospital but I do not think it has and accredited residency either so it does not help.
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