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Holographic Universe Interpretation

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    I was watching "The Fabric of the Cosmos: What is Space?" on pbs.com, and I couldn't help but wonder a few things after looking up some information about it.

    I find it funny that people have been using String Theory with only two dimensions (since they are supposed to keep adding dimensions to describe it better), and they make the wild claim that the entire universe is only a hologram.

    I have thought about what an object would observe as it travels into a black hole. I figured that as an object goes in that time would approuch a stop. Well, Einstein probably figured that too, anyways, if time reached a halt for one object and time continued outside of the black hole at a normal rate then in that moment for the object in the black hole time could progress forward for an eternity for everything else outside of it. The effect being that it would see the rest of time flash by in an instant. Then I thought well, if you where to look at the universe in the equations from that instant you would find the whole universe as it existed for an eternity, the "Holographic Universe".

    I don't think that just because the equations exist to allow someone to "view" the entire universe from a black hole means that there is an actual transfer of information that creates our universe from it. It would only mean that there is a frame of reference that allows the universe to be seen in a simplier two dimensional model.

    This brought the attention of the problems with information being lost in a black hole. I have always wondered, "Is it really lost?", or is it something like sand in an hour glass that just can't be turned back over? With the Holographic Universe it seems to me that all information of everything that has happened since it's creation and so on would be observed there.

    I saw a statement in the wiki that said, "Hawking interpreted this to mean that when black holes absorb some photons in a pure state described by a wave function, they re-emit new photons in a thermal mixed state described by a density matrix. This would mean that quantum mechanics would have to be modified, because in quantum mechanics, states which are superpositions with probability amplitudes never become states which are probabilistic mixtures of different possibilities." For starters, how can we be sure that quantum mechanics behaves the same in an area that we can't observe in such extreme conditions? This may be seen as a more philisophical veiw point, but if all the information of past, present, and future is stored on the event horizon then wouldn't it mean that our destiny is set in stone if there would only be one set of probabilistic possibilities, since it would have already happend for an observer inside of a black hole? You would think if God likes to play dice a lot all the time that their could be different outcomes to events that would then have their own sets of probabilities of other things occuring. I think it could be seen as evidence that the future is not set in stone or has occured yet just because an observer is stuck in time and see's all those moments together.

    I don't think the observer in the black hole could send information at close to the same time frame it entered the black hole, because it would have interacted with information from the future that would create a ton of spacetime paradox's. Even if it did observe all possible futures there would be another set of possible futures it would create by leaving, creating an infinite loop of continually growing amounts of information.
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    I am surprised that this post has gotten a bit of views and no one has commented that it is just completely false or something. It's scary, it could mean that once someone at the LHC says, "Just crank it, we are going to find that Higgs Boson", the world is doomed. I thought at least some negative feedback would give me a little reassurance that everything is going to be okay....

    Come on, I know that there should be at least something wrong with the comment that String theory was/wasn't used in 2 dimensions for the Holographic Universe. Or, could it mean that we should all get on the Hawking Radiation is false bandwagon, since freeing information from a black hole would in turn create an infinite amount of information. The irony being that trying to conserve energy in that situation in turn creates infinite amounts of energy?

    I have been thinking that time dialation may not prevent Hawking Radition in itself, since the escaping particle would only be a copy of the original...

    Could Hawking Radition be attempting to remove the Holy Grail of physics, or could it just mean that information on the surface of the black hole just doesn't have an interaction with incoming information from the future due to time dialation?
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