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Holomorphic function on the unit disc

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    Does there exist a holomorphic function f(z) on the unit disc and satisfies f(1/n) = f(-1/n) = 1/n^3 for every n in N?
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    There does not even exist a continuous function that does this.
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    How can we vigorously prove that? I am thinking of construct a function g such that g(1/n) = g(-1/n) = 1/n^2 and consider f/g to do it. However I am stuck and cannot go on
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    What would f(0) be?
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    Last time I checked, [itex]z \mapsto |z|[/itex] was continuous...

    iamqsqsqs, try looking at the zeros of f(z) - z^3. Do they form an isolated set of points?
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    Sorry, brain fart. I meant to say [itex]z \mapsto |z|^3[/itex]
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    Hehe...yes, I supposed so. Happens to me all the time. Your answer to look at the zeroes of [itex]\,\,f(z)-z^3\,\,[/itex] pretty much wraps this up, though.

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