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Homework sets for Intro Optics/Waves (e.g. MIT 8.03)

  1. Oct 7, 2016 #1
    Can anyone recommend published homework sets even without solutions for an intro to waves/optics course, the 3rd of a typical 3-course intro physics sequence? I had been following MIT's intro sequence (8.01, 8,02, 8.03) while taking a course that follows Halliday/Resnick, which I do not find challenging enough. Unfortunately, with my waves/optics course now, I have been following MIT's 8.03 whose opencourseware page does include a syllabus and lecture notes, but no homework or exams.

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    Not really sure why you would want additional guided hw?

    Work additional problems from your texts, it's that easy.
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    I just looked at the 18.03 ocw page - they use the books by French and Bekefi and Barrett. Do you have those books? I'm not really familiar with French - it is pretty cheap to buy online and appears to have a bunch of problems for you to work. When I took 3rd semester physics (not at MIT) we mostly used Bekefi and Barrett and for homework we did about half of the problems in the book if I recall correctly; I remember solving a number of the remaining problems to study for exams as well. It doesn't have tons and tons of problems, so you can do a large fraction of them for self study and learn what you need to learn.

    Alternatively, it looks like the (free!) notes on waves and oscillations by Prof. Fitzpatrick at UT Austin also have problems for you to solve.
    It is at a similar level as the MIT course, I think.

    EDIT: I just remembered the book by Georgi - it is very good and has good problems to solve.
    It seems like buying books isn't needed for this topic.
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