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Homogeneous/Inhomogeneous particle production

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    I'm currently self studying cosmology, and I've gathered a smattering of articles describing various particle production sources. These sources include production through Homogeneous/inhomogeneous regions. Unruh effect (cosmological Horizon-De Sitter), Hawking radiation. Parker particle production. The list goes on.

    One thing I've been noticing is that all these various production regions are all describing regions of varying entropy/energy density regions.

    Has anyone come across research or papers that have reconciled the various productions into a more generic formalization?

    edit: here are some of the papers

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    Browse on the web. I do not know.
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    I always browse the web first :smile:, The main similarities lies in the perturbations. These different situations are areas of high perturbations. I'd ask in QM forum but my understanding of QM mathematics is far worse.

    edit: I just answered my own question :smile:. Follow the history of perturbation theory.
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