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Automotive Honda recommends 0w 20 engine oil

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    My new Civic recommends 0w 20, however it is a bit more expensive, especially if done at a dealership. Is there much difference between 0w 20 and 5w 20? I heard the only reason Honda uses 0w 20 is to meet the MPG guidelines.
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    In reality you'll be fine with 5W-20. Unless you live in a very cold place or do a lot of short journeys. You really are unlikely to see a difference.

    If you are still in a warranty period, just go with the manual.
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    The reason the 0W20 is more expensive is that the base stocks it's made out of are of a substantially higher quality. Use the 0W20 and do NOT pay attention to anyone telling you to use the 3 month, 3,000 mile oil change interval- it's bunk on any car built after 1996.
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