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Hoodies! What do you think of the new look?

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    What a wonderful way for creeps and crooks to disguise themselves! Someone wearing such a get-up around here would probably get an ax-handle up-side the head and a quick ride to the county joint.
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    This is England old boy, Do you see the parallel to another ethnic story, well if they can hide their faces so can we, only we will take it a step forward.
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    I could wear something like this when I go out on the prairie to visit the military base.

    Upside: The winter wind out there is horrible. One of these would make my face much more comfortable on the long hike from the parking lot to the gate.

    Downside: The gate usually has armed guards.

    Even if they don't shoot me on sight, I'm certainly a dead man when they find a slide rule hidden in my back pack.
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    Hmmm. Like a burqa, but in unisex.
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    :rofl::rofl: yea, as long as I'm not going to the bank they'd be great, I hope they have them here in canada because they look like they would be awesome for winter! ... if only I'd've had one sunday. I had to work the day of the big storm; busses were like an hour behind schedule; the trek home was hell.
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    I remember in grade 11 one night I kind of wandered off into the forrest. meanwhile, my friends broke into this building and stole things that looked like bio-hazard suites. later on I went looking for them, and they saw me, and started running towards me yelling my name...

    when I turned around and saw 5 people in white suits and gas-masks running after me I almost peed my pants; I thought the KKK was after me or something. I'd never been so scared in my life; I thought I was good as dead.

    once I realized it was them (and they were done making fun of how scared I looked), they took me to where they found the suits... it was like a lab or something, I'm not sure, and it was still under construction. they had boxes full of these suits so I figured I'd take one too, it's not like they'll notice.... looking back, it was probably not the smartest idea to break into a place that requires one to wear a protective suit... or to break into any place, for that matter.
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    It's certainly something that gets around bad hair days and the occasional blemish.

    Not so good for speed-dating, though. :<)
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    i think the eyes would fog like crazy unless there is a seperation between that part and the nose/mouth. the guys in the pic look like they are hot boxing those things like champs.
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    A female reporter wore one to test peoples reactions, she said the eye pieces fogged up,
    she found that people gave her a wide berth even though she was wearing Pink trainers.
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    That was a mistake of serious unrecognizability!
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    It's like the balaclava trend of the late-80s.
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