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[horrible lecture] should I give up going?

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    I got a horrible professor teaching the fundamental of computer science.
    The material is very easy but that guy makes it incredibly hard. His lectures are horrible and almost all of the students don't know what he talks about. Should I give up going to the lectures? I am sure the book could teach anything .

    editting: I mean, it's just a waste of time to go to his lectures. you end up walking out the lecture room more confuse than before you even went in.
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    I would keep going because I take all lectures seriously in terms of attendance. If I know the lecturer is bad, I go and work on problems during class. This way I won't miss any info for tests/quizzes that some professors like to give out.
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    Try asking him questions about points that are unclear. It might not help, but learning to interact with your fellow scientists is always useful! Treat the lectures as a place to meet fellow students. Go for a coffee afterwards, and arrange study groups to try and understand the material together...
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    also your questions might teach the prof how to explain better. I used to ask questions based on the general confusion in the class even though I knew the answer already. It means you have to listen carefully find the key point of confusion and ask a question that gives your classmates an ah hah moment. Profs don't usually mind these kinds of questions. Just dont be obnoxious about it. You can only ask so many questions. You can also talk to him afterwards asking the same sorts of questions to strengthen your understanding.
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    I'd suggest to skip the lectures and learn the material independently. Not only you will learn computer science better this way, but you will also develop your ability to self-study, which is quite important.
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    Go to the lectures. Even if they are doing little to advance your understanding of the subject matter, you will get to know your professor and that alone can provide valuable clues about what to expect in the course. He might put an emphasis on certain topics, give an opportunity for extra credit (doubtful, but it can happen) or any number of things that might miss. If you can't follow the concept parts of the lecture due to his teaching style (or lack of), then simply study during the lecture, just in case he does say something important, you never know. Plus, you already have that time allotted in your schedule anyway.
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    Don't give up, keep going.
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    I once had a beloved lecturer who said he had scheduled the test that week because he was going to be out of town, and would probably be unable to find a replacement lecturer who was just as confusing as him!
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