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How accurate are Newton's formulas concerning Gravity, and other questions

  1. Jul 10, 2009 #1
    Binary System

    Fg = G M1M2 / r2 M1d1 = M1d2

    I don't have non-binary gravity formulas, so if you know any post them here (or any other algebraic gravity formulas you may be aware of)

    I am interested in algebriac formulas that define gravity and energy, but I am a bit skeptical and not always sure which formulas I can trust.

    Other than being for a binary system, does Fg = G M1M2 / r2 have any constraints, assumptions, limitations, or contradictions (problems)?
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    thanks A.T. ... from your link, and following the links on tied link pages I found the equations:

    g = - GM / [D^2 (1 - 2 GM / (rC^2))]; and

    g = - MG hat r / r^2

    these are the types of gravity equations I'm looking for, and any others are greatly appreciated, should anyone know any that are also in algebraic form
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    try kepler
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    check out MOND on wiki , not that i agree
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